Review: Rejected (Shadow Beast Shifters #1) by Jaymin Eve

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Rejected Book Cover Rejected
Shadow Beast Shifters #1
Jaymin Eve
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy - New Adult - Rejected Mate
December 8, 2020
Kindle Unlimited


My father made a terrible mistake. One I’m left paying for.

As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill the alpha, I’m labeled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.

When I can't take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don't like losing their punching bag. Torin, the alpha’s son, drags me back before my first shift... a shift that will reveal my true mate.

I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future.

After all, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?
Wrong. Very wrong.

When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world. Somehow I bring him to our lands.

The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself.

Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.


Rejected is book one in the Shadow Beast Shifters series by Jaymin Eve.

This is my first taste of Author Jaymin Eve. I picked up this book; because of the review I read by Between Dreams and Reality.

Dark. Gritty.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this story. It’s got some hard core emotional abuse going on with the pack our heroine is in. It’s not your typical pack life. These guys and girls have let darkness in. I’m used to reading about packs that help and support their members with maybe a few bad apples that then get rooted out.

Then we have the true mate aspect and of course Mera is rejected; which sends her into a tailspin and onto a different path in life, one that will help her find her true destiny.

Lots of aspects in the story repeat. Lots of emotional abuse. Lots of alpha a holes. Yet, I read the whole thing and started reading book two. There was something that captured me. I think what got me was Mera who doesn’t let the world, the abuse, and the alpha men in her life get her down. She fights, she rises up, and she becomes something stronger.

Their’s a mystery behind Mera to discover; besides the overall ARC that plays out in the first three books in this series. 

Last, we do end on a cliffhanger, but the next book is out so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next. Also that cover, just Hawt. Love it!

Rejected is not my usual read and very different from what I’m used to, but it had some elements that I enjoyed.

Rated: 3 Stars

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11 comments on “Review: Rejected (Shadow Beast Shifters #1) by Jaymin Eve

  1. […] Shadow Beast Shifters series (5 Book Complete): Rejected, Reclaimed, & Reborn. – The first 3 books focus on the Shadow Beast and lead Mera. It was intriguing enough to keep my interested and have me come back to finish Mera’s story. It’s dark and gritty. You can read my review on Rejected here. […]

  2. Interesting how it has that special something that kept you reading in spite the abusive and overly dominant shifters. I’ve not read any dark shifter romances, either.

    • This was different, but I like that we leave the pack and venture into a new worlds with Shadow Beast and our heroine. Thou we do revisit the pack now and then they eventually get what’s coming to them. I wasn’t sure what to make of the book, but ended up read the first 3 that finish the overall ARC. The next two books are side-characters we meet in the series.

  3. Great review! I’m also not a fan of the dark/emotionally abusive type books with lots of alphaholes. I do love that Mera is a strong heroine, that usually can cover a multitude of “book sins.”

    But the story DOES sound intriguing so I may check it out. I hate cliffhangers but glad the second book is available to read! Thanks for sharing!

    • I am with you on the dark and emotional abuse not big on it, but Mera really captured me. She didn’t let all the alphaness and abuse get her down she fought and grew. I also hate cliffhangers. Only a few cliffhangers have been well worth the wait, but others I just get so frustrated with. I was glad the series is complete. Happy Reading.

  4. I don’t usually read too dark books, so thanks for letting me know. It does sound interesting.
    Jen recently posted…#FitReaders Check-In: June 17, 2022My Profile

    • I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never read a rejected mate before and I’m not into to much dark and gritty. This had some cringe moments for me, but by the end I was invested to read on. I read the first 3 books that feature out Shadow Beast and Heroine. I liked the overall ARC plot that develops and completes in the 3 books. I also like a strong heroine. Thanks for checking out my review.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good book for me to read, thanks for sharing it with me and have a fantastic day!

    • You are welcome. Happy Reading!

  6. Gosh, those covers are awesome.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Book Review: Taken by Rebecca ZanettiMy Profile

    • Yes they are!