Review: Alien Paladin’s Redemption (Warriors of the Lathar #13) by Mina Carter

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Alien Paladin's Redemption Book Cover Alien Paladin's Redemption
Warriors of the Lathar #13
Mina Carter
Science Fiction Romance
July 28, 2020


She knew aliens existed. She didn’t expect them to be so damn HOT!

Indra has survived the worst human society can throw at her. Being rescued by aliens was the last thing she expected.

Now a guest of the latharian empire, she’s looking forward to eating her bodyweight in chocolate cake and creating her very own army out of the ship’s cleaning bots. What she didn’t expect was a stuffed-shirt paladin of a second officer, or the fact she’d find his freaky level of control so fascinating and sexy.

Sent on a ‘road trip’ to recover an experimental artificial intelligence unit, she’s stuck in a shuttle with her by the book, alien warrior. Determined to get under his skin, she discovers that beneath all that controlled restraint, her alien paladin is the sexiest alpha hero…

Can she play the game, without losing her heart? Or will she succumb to the passion of her alien paladin?

He seeks redemption for his sins. Love and a mate are not on the cards…

An atoned warrior with the scars of his shame marked in his skin, Nyek S’Vaan doesn’t expect to be anything more than a garrison officer somewhere in the outer reaches. Until a surprise assignment on the empire’s newest war cruiser brings him in contact with rare human females.

They are as fascinating as they are beautiful, even if one, Indra, drives him to distraction. When she is almost killed aboard, desperate measures are called for. A top-secret mission gets the humans away from the ship but then puts them in danger from pirates.

When Indra is taken, Nyek must face the shame of his past. He must face his demons and be prepared to kill to bring back the woman he loves, even if it means sacrificing himself in the process…


Alien Paladin’s Redemption is book thirteen in the Warriors of the Lathar series by Mina Carter.

I enjoy the Lathar warriors and the world Ms. Carter has created in this series.

We first meet Indra in “Rescued by her Alien Protector”. She is a survivor. She’s also snarky, tough, and doesn’t see herself as mate material.

A man tortured by his past, expecting nothing, but loneliness. Nyek, is lower than dirt in the eyes of the Lathar warriors and has paid a high price. He doesn’t see himself being blessed with a female of his own to cherish.

These two will discover a secret that will rock the empire to its core and along the way they’ll grow closer together and find love.

Alien Paladin’s Redemption gives us action, suspense, adventure, survival, romance, and drama. If your looking for an entertaining Sci-Fi Alien Romance then I recommend picking up the Warriors of the Lathar series. It’s got it all.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. She sounds like a sassy gal. I’ve seen this series, but haven’t tried it yet. Glad you liked it.
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    • As you can see I’m on book 13, so it’s kept me coming back. Some are better then others, but they are a nice read when you don’t want anything in-depth and are just looking to escape for a bit. Thanks for visiting!