Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Sept. 2022

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Welcome To September’s Monthly Wrap-Up


School is going great.  My kid really likes his teacher and he’s getting more into reading, which makes me happy.  AYSO soccer is going strong.  We have practice twice a week and one game on Saturday’s.  It’s also Football season, so I’m watching College and NFL when they are on.

Cub Scouts has started back up and we had our first get together in September.  It was a welcome back event. The kid is Webelos 2.  Panda is doing great and we added a Beta named Rainbow to our family.

You may have noticed I changed my blog banner/profile picture.  What do you think?  I found this lovely women with brown hair, freckles, and reading.  It represent me more, fits my personality, and I think works for the blog better than my previous picture.  When I started the blog I didn’t know what I was doing or what my profile/blogger picture should be, so I leaned towards the Angel aspect of my title and picked the busty Angel, but that never really felt right.

This month I worked a lot with Books of My Heart on next years Library Love Challenge.  We have some fun things scheduled for you throughout the year and some BIG giveaways.  The sign-up for next year will be live Dec. 2nd.  I can’t wait for next year.  We hope you are enjoying the Challenge.

I’ve seen the #COYER challenge around and many of my blogger friends participate.  They have different events throughout the year, so you can pick and choose.  I decided I’d give the Winter COYER a try. #COYER Fall: October – December ~ The List, The Strict, and The One with the Twist! 

I’ve also been trying to get through my back list of books I’ve read and have not reviewed, yet!  The writing spirit comes in spurts.  Usually Sunday mornings I get inspiration to nock some reviews out.


I didn’t read/listen much this month: A Chip On Her Shoulder, Seduced by a Demon King, His Human Ward, His Human Stalker, Graphic Audio: Sweep with Me, & Wolf Gone Wild (Audio).



Congratulations to all the winners this month!
Make sure to check out the giveaway page for all the latest giveaways!

  • Thomas G. won an ARC of Ruby Fever.
  • Polly K. won the Old School Giveaway Hop and picked the $15 Amazon GC.
  • Carolyn D. won the Summer 2022 Seasons Of Books Giveaway Hop and picked the $25 Amazon GC.











I’d love to hear from you.
How was your September?



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8 comments on “Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Sept. 2022

  1. I think I mentioned it to you before, but I like the new avi! Glad school is going well for your kiddo – having a teacher he connects with is so important. I listened to the first Graphic Novel in IA’s Innkeeper series last month and I ended up enjoying it, so I bought a couple more and will fit them in when I have time. I have the original audios and ebooks, too. I’m so excited for the next installment later this year. Things are good here. Fall has arrived, which I don’t love (I’m a hot weather girl), but I do get to wear cozy sweatshirts and sweaters.
    Jen recently posted…Review: Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Amanda FlowerMy Profile

    • Thanks Jen for visiting. It is important for kids to have a teacher they can connect with and this week we start parent teacher conferences, so I’ll get to meet him one and one and learn what they are working on. The Graphic Audios for IA’s Innkeepers is great. I really loved them and I’m so excited for the next installment out in Dec. 2022. I already have the eBook pre-ordered. ^_^ Hope you continue to enjoy the Audios. Have a great October.

  2. I’m excited about next year’s Library Love too! I’m really so glad you decided to give COYER a try as they are such a great group of people! It’s really something to take at your own pace, as much or as little as you want to participate.
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Station Eternity by Mur LaffertyMy Profile

    • You convinced me to give COYER a try and I’m happy they will be partaking in one of our fun events for the Library Love Challenge next year. We will see how well I do on the list. I’m not a list reader. I’m a mood reader, but I do have so many books an audios I’ve bought that I’ve yet to read/listen too. Hopeful I’ll knock some out. ^_^

      Yep, I’m excited for next years Library Love too. I hope everyone enjoys the changes we made and the fun things planned.

      Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

  3. Glad back to school, cub scouts, soccer, and the new fish are a hit with your kiddo. I think I was his age when I had my first beta fish and it was purple too. 🙂

    Your new profile pic is very cute and I’m glad it reps you better.

    We enjoy watching some college football each week and stopping by to watch some of the highschool soccer in the park.

    Not bad on your stack of reads and reviews this month. I enjoyed getting your thoughts on them.
    Yay for joining COYER Fall. I enjoy the group and the challenge.

    Have a good October, Angela!
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Station Eternity by Mur LaffertyMy Profile

    • Sophia,

      It’s a pleasure to have you stop in. I’m glad everything is a hit with the kiddo this year and we love the addition of our new beta. The profile picture was a luck find. I wasn’t looking for a new picture, but when I saw it it just clicked and I made the change that day. I’m excited to see how I do on COYER and the group seems like a nice bunch of people.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing!

  4. Thank you for another great month of reviews!

    • You are welcome! Thank you for stopping by to check out the blog. Have a great October.