Character Interview: The Chamomile Conspiracy (Seasons of the Witch) by Louise Marvin ~ #BookTour

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Hello and Welcome All!

Today we have Pax Thatcher from The Chamomile Conspiracy here today to talk with us.

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Oh, heck. Okay, my name is Pax—yes, it’s unusual, no, I’m not explaining it. I’m pushing thirty and I live in a Dorchester walk-up with my roomie, Madison, and about fifty different plants. Maybe more. I’ve…lost track. I’m a frustrated botanist who works retail and in education and I would much rather be knee-deep in a box studying green things.

What’s it like being able to talk to plants?

You know, a lot of people would call it useless or boring. Like, what do plants have to talk about? Except trees are the best/worst gossips, they know everything about everybody. You know what there are a lot of? Trees. You know where they grow? Everywhere. They talk to each other, spill the tree tea, and if I’m nice to the oak tree outside my bedroom window, she tells me what my neighbors are up to. It comes in handy, too—plants see stuff no one else sees, and if you want to know some secrets, ask a pot of violets or someone’s rose garden. They’ll tell you everything.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

I mean, if I’m telling you, it’s not a secret anymore, right? Let’s just say I don’t really talk much about being a witch in my everyday life, so I suppose to some people that’s considered a secret. I mean, my students don’t know, and neither do my Target co-workers. In fact, there are really only a handful of people who know what I am, and even fewer who know what I can do. Why borrow trouble, right? And I don’t exactly fit in with other witches. Too many bills, not enough crystals.

Would you share with us the challenges you are going through?

Well, I’m broke, and my jobs are boring and repetitive, and you’ll never squeeze a living wage out of substitute teaching or retail. I daydream about winning the lottery a lot. Maybe I could get a new battery for my car, pay my phone bill on time, buy a latte without guilt. Ooh, and go somewhere fun, maybe buy an actual house—holy cow, could you imagine? Why don’t I have a great-aunt or something to leave me a surprise inheritance? Wouldn’t that be nice…

Last, how do you feel about your author and the events that she has happening to you in your book The Chamomile Conspiracy?

I have a love/hate relationship with Louise. I’m in this gorgeous little town, my life changes for the better, but a horrible tragedy happens and suddenly I’m in trouble for it?! What the heck did I ever do to you, lady? I do appreciate the new friends—especially Angie. Uh, yeah. Thanks for Angie. Stop looking at me, I’m not blushing, you’re blushing.

Pax thank you for visiting Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and speaking with me today.





The Chamomile Conspiracy


]A Garden Lover Cozy Mystery (Seasons of the Witch)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Setting – Maine
Witchy Mysteries (September 30, 2022)
Print length ‏ : ‎ 311 pages
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BCM2VJ17

Green witch Pax Thatcher leads a busy life. Between working two jobs, applying to grad school, and helping out at the old herb shop that belongs to her friend and mentor, Miss Millie, Pax doesn’t have much time for practicing spells. She’s lucky she can keep her enormous plant collection alive.

Fortunately, she can talk to her plants, and they talk back.

But when Pax arrives for a visit to her seaside hometown of Honesty Harbor, Maine, and discovers Miss Millie is missing, she drops everything to find her. When she does, it’s just in time to hear Miss Millie’s dying words:

Poison. Find them.

Unable to believe anyone would want to murder the kind old woman, Pax vows to fulfill Miss Millie’s last request. But how can a boring little witch who doesn’t even own a cauldron solve a murder? Ask the only witness—a potted plant—what happened.

But the more she listens to her leafy allies, the more questions she has. And when others begin to view her as the prime suspect, Pax must hurry to weed out the killer before someone else gets whacked.




Louise Marvin’s mother wrote Star Trek fanfiction in the 1980s, so it was only natural that Louise follows in her footsteps. FanFiction played a big part in Louise’s development and coincidence as a writer, inspiring her to try her hand at original fiction. THE CHAMOMILE CONSPIRACY is her first book. Louise lives in New England with an elderly cat and an extensive LEGO Star Wars collection and works at a medical cannabis facility.

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