Audiobook Review: Double-Sided Magic (Legacy #1) by McKenzie Hunter (Narrator: Stacey Glemboski)

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Double-Sided Magic Book Cover Double-Sided Magic
Legacy #1
McKenzie Hunter (Narrator: Stacey Glemboski)
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal
Sky Publishing
December 28, 2017
7 hours and 25 minutes


I am Levy Michaels. Once my kind were the hunters - now we are the hunted.

Supernaturals are out of the closet but I have to stay hidden because of the type of magic I possess. I’m a legacy. It sounds like the title should come with reverence, a trust fund, or at the very least a cool backstory - instead it comes with a death sentence.

I have to hide in plain sight and pretend to be just human. I’m pretty good at it. I live a simple and somewhat normal life, and I work in antique acquisitions. Everything’s going fine until a dangerous and enchanted dagger that was once in my possession is stolen. I didn’t think things could get any worse until I woke up next to a dead shifter, fae, and mage, without any memory of the past 24 hours.

Considered guilty of murder by most of the magical community and humans, I must work with Gareth, the sexy and dangerous leader of the Supernatural Guild. If he’s as good as rumored, it’s only a matter of time until he discovers the truth about me - then being found guilty of murder is the least of my worries.


Double-Sided Magic by McKenzie Hunter

Double-Sided Magic is book one in the Legacy series by McKenzie Hunter and narrated by Stacey Glemboski.

This is my first taste of McKenzie Hunter and narrator Stacey Glemboski.

Double-Sided Magic started off a little bumpy due to some repetition in the dialogue that centered around the world-building and why the Legacy’s must hide, but it soon smoothed out and I was swept away.

Levy is a Legacy, a creature that is supposed to not exist. They where hunted and all killed off, but some believe they still live and so, they are still hunted to this day. Levy hides, lives like a human, and try’s to stay out of the way, but soon finds herself rubbing shoulders with the leader of the Supernatural Guild who will kill her if he knew what she is. Levy is not like her ancestors, but for those that lived through what the Legacy did; they don’t care. She doesn’t seek power and doesn’t want what happened in the past to happen again. She just wants a normal live. I really enjoyed Livy.

We are treated to action, adventure, a murder mystery, and a plot that runs deep and won’t conclude in this installment. There is also a possible budding romance, but that is in the background. Not sure what to make of the love interest, yet.

Audio: I had a good time with the audiobook. Stacey Glemboski did a good job on the different voices and I could pick out all the characters. The narrator kept the story flowing and by the end I wanted to dive into the next audiobook in the Legacy series.

Double-Sided Magic was a bit slow to start, but by the end I wanted more and went out and bought the next audiobook. I can’t wait to see where the overall ARC goes and the possible romance. If you enjoy Urban Fantasy in all its uniqueness; then this novel might be for you.

Rated: 4 Stars

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8 comments on “Audiobook Review: Double-Sided Magic (Legacy #1) by McKenzie Hunter (Narrator: Stacey Glemboski)

  1. This feels familiar, but I know I haven’t read it. It sounds really good and I do enjoy good books in audio format. I’ll keep this in mind. thanks.
    Jen recently posted…Listen Up! #Audiobook Review: Gray Witch by Hailey EdwardsMy Profile

    • You are welcome. Happy Listening!

  2. Yours is the second review for this one I read that loved this one. I’m glad to see a likeable heroine, mystery, and good action.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Discussion Post: How do I figure out Ratings for Reviews?My Profile

    • Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the review. Happy Reading!

  3. Wow, this sounds like a great urban fantasy for me to read, thanks for sharing it with me, Angela! Have a fabulous weekend!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review and I could help put a new book on your radar. It was a nice start and I’m continuing to enjoying the Legacy series. Hope you enjoy and Happy Reading!

  4. Great review! I find it hard using audiobooks because I feel the narrator’s voice affects my ability to follow the story. I do enjoy a good urban fantasy so I’ll definitely try to check out an eBook copy!

    • Some people have trouble with audio. For the longest time I didn’t want to even try audiobooks, but I finally did and have enjoyed. Not all books work in audio formate, but it does give me a different perspective. This series, Legacy, is in Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that our it available to buy. Thanks for checking out my review and Happy Reading!