Review: Lucky Witch (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #5) by Danielle Garrett

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Lucky Witch Book Cover Lucky Witch
Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #5
Danielle Garrett
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
October 28, 2017


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and Holly’s feeling lucky…

At least, right up until a dead body shows up in the woods behind the esteemed Beechwood Manor.

With the townspeople distracted by a mysterious shamrock-themed scavenger hunt, everyone seems content to chalk up the death as a tragic hunting accident. But when the clover-shaped clues lead back to the crime scene, things take a deadly turn.

With a rogue leprechaun on the loose and something sinister lurking on the edges of town, it’s up to Holly to stop the murderer and keep secret paranormal powers from swallowing up the sleepy town she's grown to love.

Lucky Witch is the fifth novel in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series by Danielle Garrett. Come for the mystery, stay for the magic!


Lucky Witch by Danielle Garrett

Lucky Witch is book five in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series by Danielle Garrett. This series does need to be read in order. Lucky Witch picks up a little after the events in Witch Way Home.

Holly’s friend Nick was infected by a werewolf and his first change is coming up and Holly’s got her freedom and life back, but things don’t stay quiet for long.

The mystery is fun and entertaining keeping Holly and Nick on the go trying to find out what’s going on. We get a dead body, a leprechaun, and so much more. Holly has a lot to figure out including her love life.

There’s trouble in Holly’s relationship with Adam. The author added more chemistry between Holly and Nick than with Holly and Adam. I’m not sure why she did this. It was frustrating and Holly was oblivious to Nick and why Adam was unhappy. I will say I was surprised with Adam’s request, but I could understand his side. Holly was an idiot in the relationship department. She frustrated me to know end on how she behaved. This book made me wonder if Adam and Holly will be in a relationship or not.

I really enjoy the banter and interactions between Holly and her roommates. Thou something is up with our vamp who hangs at Beechwood.

There were a few nice reveals that will be interesting to see how the series moves forward. As to the romance I’m content with how things are left.

Lucky Witch has humor, suspense, and mystery. It was a nice read.

Rated: 3 Stars

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8 comments on “Review: Lucky Witch (Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #5) by Danielle Garrett

  1. I felt the same way about the chemistry between Holly and Nick and got frustrated with this book.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch by Maisey YatesMy Profile

    • I caught your review on Goodreads. We did have similar issues on this one. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I’m sorry that Holly wasn’t as strong as you thought she’d be. The love triangle aspect would be driving me crazy. Thanks for sharing your review.

    • I’m not sure why we got the triangle aspect. We all know that Holly is with Adam, so I just didn’t understand. Holly is a great character, but in this one she lacked. I’m looking forward to reading on. I do enjoy the series and characters. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I enjoyed this series but also had some frustration about Holly and Adam for awhile.

    • It’s a fun series. I look forward to reading on and seeing what comes next. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Love to read these sounds good

    • Thanks for visiting!