Review: The Night Blade (Indulgence #2) by Erin Kellison

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The Night Blade Book Cover The Night Blade
Indulgence #2
Erin Kellison
Epic Fantasy - Fantasy Romance
Fire Flower Publishing, LLC
June 7, 2022


Lose yourself in the second installment of bestselling author Erin Kellison's Indulgence series, where unlikely allies must contend with savage beasts, spiteful gods...and each other to survive.

Luck isn't going Terah Crane's way. She's stuck with the prince of Fury, the arrogant scion of Pyre, who passionately hates her. Yeah, well...she doesn't like him much, either.

When a vengeful goddess captures someone Terah loves, Adomanei reluctantly joins the rescue mission to settle the debt he owes her. Enemies at heart but united by purpose, they set out upon a dangerous journey into a foreign godland to reach their quarry.

Adom's godborn talents allow him to disguise his identity, but Terah must travel under the cover of darkness, even if it takes them into the belly of a mountain beast and across a sea of bones. A cryptic clue suggests that Terah has allies among the ghosts of Phemerae—if only she can find them. But Adom doesn't trust anyone who strives against the gods.

Beset by monsters and pursued by spies, Terah and Adom are forced to watch each other's backs, learn to speak with a glance, and be there when the other falls. But will it be enough? Because a malevolent Power stalks them, utter ruin on its mind, and Adom and Terah find themselves trapped together in an intrigue of the gods that will change their world.

The Indulgence Series is a fast-paced, action-packed, slow-burn romantic fantasy set in a contemporary world of gods and monsters. If you like a fierce heroine, enemies to lovers, epic battles, worldbuilding, magic, and mayhem...this is a series for you.


The Night Blade is book two in the Indulgence series by Erin Ellison.

It had been a year since book one The Stone God came out and so, it took me a moment to remember the players and what was going on.

After I got back into the story and things started to click I had a delightful time reading. I was swept away into this action-packed fast-paced adventure.

The Night Blade keeps the reader on their toes wondering if Terah and Adom will survive, rescue Max, and who knows maybe fall for each other. We see our leads learning more about each other and to work together. They end up working better together than apart.

The gambling god and his son have ulterior motives, but we’re not sure which side they’re truly on. Lots of monsters, gods, and mystery.

As for the romance, it’s still non-existent, but now we may have a definite direction as to whom Terah might end up with. Can we say slow-burn.

Last, I love the covers for this series. They are eye catching, artistic, and fit the novels. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in the Indulgence series.

Rated: 4 Stars

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