Tell Me Something Tuesday: Same Author, New Genre

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2/7/2023: Would you read a book by your favorite author if it isn’t in a genre you normally enjoy?


No. I’ve not yet followed a favorite author into a new genre. I do have a few of my favorite others and their other genres on my TBR, but I have yet to pick them up. For example; Nalini Singh, I love her UF/PNR series and have yet to try her Contemporary Romance, like Hard Play. I’m a Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance reader. It’s hard for me to jump out of those genres.


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8 comments on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Same Author, New Genre

  1. Yes, I will. Your example of Nalini Singh is a good one. I’ll read any book by her. There are other authors as well that I like and will try any book in any genre by them. As long as there’s romance in it, I’m not too particular about the specific genre.

    • Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  2. I’m the opposite. I read almost any genre so my wish list gets huge when favorite authors venture into new genres.

    • WOW! That’s great you are so open to trying out everything a favorite author writes. I hope to try some other stuff from my favorite authors one day. ^_^

  3. It took me several years to go beyond my PNR/UF reading. I think it started by following a couple authors to a new genre after I met them in person. Carolyn Crane is a prime example. I also tried contemporary on audiobook and that helped expand my tastes.

    • I’m slowly trying other genres, but I still have a hard to outside the PNR/UF. I agree I’ve listed to a few CR in audio and I liked them that way. It was easier to get into the stories. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Yes, Kelley Armstrong is an prime example.

    • Yes Armstrong is on my list and she is one who writes in Young Adult, PNR, Thrillers, and more.. I’ve got a lot of different stuff of her’s on my list.