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Her Unexpected Match

by Lacey Baker
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: February 21st 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Travel writer Allie Sparks has one goal: to find the story that will save her career. So here she is, visiting her bestie on picturesque Crescent Island—with sun-warmed beaches, the briny smell of the ocean, and rumors of a secret astrologer-matchmaker who guarantees love. Of course, Allie doesn’t believe in any of that stuff. If anything, she’ll prove it’s a total scam.

Ryan Parker believes in love—just not right now. He’s focused on expanding his family’s barbeque business, finding investors, and keeping his too-big Great Dane puppy from jumping on everyone, including his sister’s pretty, whiskey-eyed best friend. Besides, falling for a tourist is definitely not in his astrological forecast.

Allie is doing everything she can to resist the charm of the town and its beauty, not to mention her attraction to Ryan. But there’s a lot more happening on Crescent Island than anyone knows…and when her story goes to print, this tiny, close-knit town might never be the same.

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“If I fall—”

“You’re not gonna fall,” Ryan interrupted and put a hand on each side of her waist.

Like that was going to keep her steady. Ryan’s hands on her were notorious for doing the exact opposite, although she’d been doing a fantastic job at ignoring thoughts like that for the past couple of hours they’d been together.

“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this,” she continued, taking a tentative step forward.

She’d wisely worn tennis shoes with her jean capri pants and purple halter top today. After Sofia had announced Ryan was coming to take her out sightseeing, she’d gone back into the bedroom, changed her shoes and pulled her hair back into a ponytail once more. At the time she’d had no clue where they were going but she’d wanted to be ready for anything.

Even wearing smarter shoes didn’t prepare her for this. She placed another foot in front of the first and felt her legs shaking beneath her. Arms stretched out straight she attempted to calm her thoughts, hoping that would resonate with her body and get her safely across this log. Toppling over into the water was going to be embarrassing and wet. 

“Talk you into what? Being adventurous?” he asked from behind her.

Right behind her, just as he’d been only a step or two away from her everywhere they’d gone. Those places had included taking some of the leftover boxes from the restaurant and dropping them off at the community center where Ryan told her they were separating all the prizes for the games that would be featured at the carnival. It was their kickoff to the SummerFest activities and had been the talk of the Parker household since she’d been there.

“This is foolish, not adventurous,” she replied. “There was a perfectly good path right down that hill. Why we had to walk across this wobbly old log, I’ll never know.” And as if that log hadn’t liked how she described it, the thing twisted and her feet moved in double-time to stay upright.

“Whoa, there. You tryin’ to take us both down.” He chuckled and released his hands from her waist.

She didn’t look back but she suspected he was now holding his arms out too, figuring he needed to fend for himself at this point.

“Well, there’s no need in me swimming alone.”

He laughed. A rich, deep laughter that echoed through the trees and settled in her chest with a thud.

“You wouldn’t be alone. Optimus is tied to that tree over there enjoying himself in the water he’s able to reach.”

She frowned. “He’s at the lower end of the river,” she said. “You purposely put him over there, out of harm’s way. But then led me up here to do some daredevil act.”

“Sofia and I used to wear blindfolds and bet on who could get across here the quickest,” he said.</span.

They were at the Springs, one of Sofia’s favorite places on the island. Allie could see why. The place was gorgeous. She’d seen waterfalls in Fiji and rainforests in South America and Tanzania, but neither of them compared to this. Here, the river had cut through the mountain, eroding the bedrock down its side panel until it snaked along in a fierce stream creating this frosty flush through the dark colored rock and vivid greenery. The water spilled into the lower river where more clefts had formed probably because of more erosion in the area. The beauty of nature never ceased to amaze her, especially when it was untouched as she suspected this area had been.

But this ridiculous log they were trekking over, was unnecessary. Or perhaps it was just to add to the beauty of the area, whatever the reason she wanted off of it right now.

She took faster steps.

“Oh, so now we’re racing?” he asked, amusement lacing his tone.

“No. Not racing, just hurrying up before I fall and break my neck on one of those river rocks.”

“I won’t let you fall.”

“You won’t be able to stop me,” she countered. “Your efforts would likely only take us both down.”

He laughed again.

“Really? That’s funny too? Both of us falling into the water.”

“Well,” he said between guffaws. “We are on an island. I mean, it seems natural that at some point in every day we’d end up in the water.”

She could see the river’s bank—a lush carpet of grass sprinkled with white flowers. “When I’m ready for a swim, I’ll put on my bathing suit and head to the beach,” she said and then leapt the short distance from where she stood to ground.

Her arms flailed as she landed, praying silently that she could stick the landing like she often watched the trained gymnasts do during the Olympics.

“Yeah!” Ryan yelled. “That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! See how you took that chance.”

He was right behind her as she leaned over, her hands on her knees as she tried to get her bearings. “You’re a goof.” She mumbled between breaths.

“Nah, I just like having fun. And taking chances. Are you afraid to take chances, Allie?”


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Lacey Baker, a Maryland native, lives with her husband, three children, two grandchildren and English Bulldog in what most would call Suburban America–a townhouse development where everybody knows each other and each other’s kids. Family cook-outs, reunion vacations, and growing up in church have all inspired Lacey to work towards her dreams and to write about the endurance of family and the quest to find everlasting love. To date she has written in several genres including small town romance, YA paranormal (as Artist Arthur), a cozy mystery series titled Rumors and adult paranormal (as A.C. Arthur).

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