Review: Devi’s Distraction (Icehome, #6) by Ruby Dixon

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Devi's Distraction Book Cover Devi's Distraction
Icehome #6
Ruby Dixon
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
April 29, 2019
Kindle Unlimited


It's hard to make friends with the other women at the Icehome camp when you'd rather be dissecting the local fauna. Which is why I'm surprised when one of the big, brawny islanders asks me to help him make a prosthetic leg. I don't know N'dek, but since I'm a scientist, he wants my help. And while I'm more into dinosaurs than anatomy, I love a challenge.

As we work together, I come to see that N'dek's not just clever and determined, he's also protective and sweet. And he kisses like a fiend.

He's a distraction I don't need...but he might be everything I've ever wanted. Too bad he says he's going to resonate to someone else.


Devi’s Distraction is book six in the Icehome series by Ruby Dixon.

Dev is smart, intelligence, and well rounded. Instead of wallowing on being stuck on the ice plant she focuses her energy on learning about all the different animals. Her interest in the wild life makes her an outsider in the Icehome camp.

N’dek is missing a leg. To him that makes him useless and unappealing to the females. He’s been depressed since he lost his leg, but now he wants to live life again.

This was one of my favorite reads. My heart sighed with delight and contentment. We have the two outsiders coming together. They find belonging and home. Dev and N’dek work together to make a prosthetic for N’dek and he finally take’s control of his destiny. I loved the budding romance and how sweet they are together.

It’s got Dixon’s signature writing with duel POV’s, humor, sexy aliens, and spicy times. It sets up other characters in the Icehome. I can’t wait to read on. I recommend this series and any Dixon book.

Rated: 4 Stars

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