Review: Flor’s Fiasco (Icehome, #16) by Ruby Dixon

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Flor's Fiasco Book Cover Flor's Fiasco
Icehome, #16
Ruby Dixon
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
August 28, 2022
Kindle Unlimited


I'm not supposed to resonate to him.

It's been a few years since I've landed here on Icehome Beach, and as resonance after resonance dwindled the list of bachelors, I knew who I'd end up with. As soon as we got past our differences, I'd end up as R'jaal's mate.

On an everyday excursion, however, my khui decides otherwise. It sings all right...but not to R'jaal. Instead, I resonate to I'rec - the forceful, brash, overly-alpha leader of Shadow Cat. Did I mention he's got a long-distance girlfriend already?

It's a big mess, and it's about to get messier.

But as things get chaotic on the beach and our way of life is threatened with upheaval, it's the small things that end up mattering. Small things like the way I'rec kisses. Or the way we seem to have a lot more in common than we thought. Or the way I'rec can be gentle, but only with me...


Flor’s Fiasco is book sixteen in the Icehome series by Ruby Dixon. The series is best read in order.

I like returning to the Icehome planet. I also look forward to new books and romantic adventures on this cold and frozen world.

Flor is independent and I liked that about her. She’s one of the last two women and she will either be with I’rec or R’jaal thou she assumed it’d be R’jaal, but their cooties had other ideas.

The story starts off quick and Flor has a dilemma in that she thought R’jaal would be her friend with benefits and I’rec would be with Tia who he has been pinning for years.

I’rec and Flor are great together. They have a great friendship and you see that in the previous book Daisy’s Decision. They complement each other in that she helps him lighten up and he makes her laugh. I enjoyed their romance and how I’rec showed Flor that she is the one for him, not Tia.

Throughout the book I wondered how Dixon would close out the Icehome series. We see that she shows us that there is “more” out there on Not-Hoth then we thought. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Flor’s Fiasco was a nice conclusion to the Icehome series. If your looking for some sexy science fiction romance then I suggest picking up a Ruby Dixon novel.

Rated: 4 Stars

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