Review: Para-Military Recruiter Series (Book 1-3) by Renée Jaggér & Michael Anderle

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Julie Meadows is down on her luck when she receives an e-mail drafting her into the Official Para-Military Agency.

She didn’t expect “para” to mean paranormal. Her partner is an Aether Elf prince, her boss is a Were…something, and the IT department is staffed by literal trolls.

The prospect of a steady job and financial security draws her into a world filled with every myth and legend she’s ever read about.

Julie dives into the magical, mystical, and downright fantastic when she and her partner, Taylor are tasked with finding new recruits for the Agency.

The problem? Julie is human, and the cost of failing to find a recruit is her life.

With the help of Taylor and a snarky mystical artifact, Julie races against the clock to avoid a killer mind-wipe.

Should she succeed, her place at OPMA will be secure. If she fails, avoiding her mom’s insistence on the health benefits of aloe vera juice won’t be a problem anymore.

Either way, her life will never be the same again.


Drafted is book one in the Para-Military Recruiter series by Renée Jaggér & Michael Anderle.

This book was unexpected in many ways. I saw the cover and blurb and thought it sounded good. I enjoyed enough to read on and now I wait for each new book to come out.

The book is fast-paced and funny. Julie is accidentally recruited to the Para-Military Agency. You might think with a name Para-Military she’d be put into the army aspect, but nope she’s assigned to be a recruiter for the agency and is teamed up with a Fae Elf Prince, Taylor.

The story just sucks you in and your routining for Julie to succeed. Lots of characters to enjoy like Kaplan, Taylor, Hat, and Lilly plus our lead. There is no romance in the story though there are hints. It’s more Urban Fantasy.

The only thing I was surprised about was that Julie is only 19. She felt like she was much older and I think she should have been in her mid 20’s. That was the only thing I did like.

Drafted was a decent start to the series and I look forward to reading on.

Rated: 3 Stars

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Julie is officially an OPMA Recruitment Agent, and there’s a Bigfoot problem in the Big Apple.

The pressure is on for Julie and Taylor to get their next recruit and prove that a human has what it takes to make it in the paranormal world.

Their assignment takes them to the Midwest and…beyond, and Julie finds herself drawn into vampire drama thanks to her growing friendship with Malcolm Nox.

A jealous fiancée is one thing, but one with fangs?

Julie’s plan to bag a high-value recruit has a hitch in the tail.

The centaur they traveled to visit won’t leave his ranch. Can Julie and Taylor pull victory from the jaws of defeat and help Cironius in the process?

Success will get Captain Kaplan off their backs. They’re going to need him in a good mood when he finds out they’ve gone against his orders to stay out of the Yeti problem…

Have Julie and Taylor gotten in too deep this time?


Recruiter is book two in the Para-Military Recruiter series by Renée Jaggér & Michael Anderle.

Things pick off shortly after book one. It’s another fast-paced adventure. Once again the only thing Taylor and Julie are trying to do is recruit more Paranormals to the agency.

We are starting to get more glimpses into the paranormal world and what goes on. The Yeti’s area causing problems and know-one knows why; since they are gentile creatures. And, so we are starting to see that there is more than meets the eye.

Taylor is shaping up to be a great partner, Hat is so much fun, and Kaplan is still intimidating.

Recruiter is another fast paced on the go adventure. It’s fun, fast, and full of interesting characters.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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Julie barely made it out of the sewers alive, and her Yeti woes aren’t over yet.

The IA investigation into the incursion at OPMA HQ bring Julie into contact with a trio of paras whose snark is only outmatched by their desire to meddle in Julie’s life.

Do the Sphynxes know more than they’re telling her about the mysterious results of her physical?

When Malcolm Nox goes missing, leading Julie and Taylor are drawn into a race to find his kidnapper and rescue him before he misses his wedding.

Can Julie and Cassidy put their differences aside for Malcolm’s sake, or will their feud get in the way of unraveling the case?

Momma knows best…

Taking care of her ailing landlady keeps Julie out of the loop for the fallout after the explosive end to the Yeti case.

Luckily—or not—for Julie, Rosa offers to lend Lillie a helping hand.

Hoping her mom keeps her home remedies off the table, Julie is grateful to accept. She can’t avoid Dr. Olena any longer if she wants to keep her job.

Can Julie handle the life-changing news the doctor has for her?


Accepted is book three in the Para-Military Recruiter series by Renée Jaggér & Michael Anderle. It’s another fast paced action packed read.

It wraps up the Yeti issue, finding the missing Vampire Prince, and discover a darker plot that looks like it will continue throughout the series until it’s solved.

Julie has made some unexpected ally’s for a human. We get a lovely wedding, a trial, and a big surprise at the end of the story.

She is dealing with everything quite well and the plot is developing nicely. The characters continue to be a lot of fun; especially Hat.

Accepted was another fun read and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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  1. Fun that you discovered a new series to love on. I’ve seen Anderle’s name on lots of series getting put on audio lately. Maybe I can score a copy of the first one and see how I like it.

    • It took me a minute to get over the young age of our heroine, but after that it’s been very enjoyable and I look forward to each new installment. Not listened to any of Anderle’s work. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to see what you think.

  2. These sound pretty interesting. I might have to try them.

    • Their a fun read. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy.