What I’m Watching: Disney +, Netflix, & Hulu

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I’ve been doing a lot of TV watching in this winter.  We got ride off cable and went to streaming only.  We currently have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and regular Hulu.  Before our yearly Disney+ subscription ended I watched a few things.  Didn’t want to renew; because they had a major price increase plus we don’t watch much Disney+ anymore. The kid has a lot of great kid shows on Netflix he can watch, so Disney+ got the boot.


  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – Funny
  • Willow – It was ok! Fun to see the original Willow character back, but the acting wasn’t all that great. I’m not sold on this TV show.
  • Zootopia Shorts – They where fun to watch.
  • Wakanda Forever – It was a good movie. I’m a marvel fan.



  • Bullet Train – Enjoyable. It reminded me of Kill Bill.
  • Adam’s Family Values – Enjoyed. The original Adam’s Family is fun to revisit. I loved the new Wednesday TV show that came out and it made me nostalgic.
  • Shooter – Thought this was a movie and then I realize its a TV Show with three seasons. I’d compare it to Jack Ryan. Intrigue, undercover set ups, drama, lots of shooting, and mystery.
  • Stranger Things – I started watching this show and it’s bing worthy.
  • Supernatural – I’m slowly working my way through the series. I never watched it when it came out, but I do like it.
  • How To Get Away With Murder – It’s a crime/mystery series. Not for me.



  • Will Trent – It’s a new TV Show. So far I like it.
  • The Glades – It has four seasons and was/is on A&E. It’s another cop crime drama. I liked it and boy oh boy does season four end on a cliffhanger.
  • Castle – I’m finally getting caught up. Loved this show when it first aired on TV, but I never finished the series.
  • The X-Files – Ya, I’m slowly working my way through this old TV show. I never watched all the episodes and am now getting caught up.
  • 9*1*1 Lone Star – Aries on Fox. I’m staying up to date on this show. I like it and am looking forward to when more episodes of 9*1*1 comes.
  • 9*1*1 – I finally watched this show and well I binged. Turns out its pretty good. Looking forward to more.
  • Elementary – It’s only got two seasons. It’s a spin off Homes and Watson in modern times.
  • 24 – Well It’s intense. My hubby watched this, but I wasn’t interested at the time it came out.
  • Law and Order SVU


What have you been watching?


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6 comments on “What I’m Watching: Disney +, Netflix, & Hulu

  1. We just did a rewatch of The Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney+ because the new season comes out later this month. It’s a fun one you may enjoy.

    • Hmm, enjoy the new season.

  2. Oh, Willow was so disappointing! It was just ok. My husband was bothered by certain things in it more than I was but I agree about the acting (although I will always love Christian Slater)

    I just finished watching The Shining Girls on Apple TV. The book has been on my TBR List for awhile and I thought I would try just watching it instead but now I just want to read it more.

    • I will also always like Christian Slater, but ya Willow was a disappointment. Hope you enjoy the book The Shining Girls. Thanks for visiting!

  3. You never watched Supernatural? I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I loved that show. I just started watching Game Of Thrones because I never watched that before.
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    • Nope never watched Supernatural, but now I’m working my way through it. I saw the first season of Game of Thrones, but nothing after that. Thanks for visiting and happy TV watching.