One Wolf Next Door (The Willow Witch Chronicles) by Efthalia ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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One Wolf Next Door

by Efthalia
(The Willow Witch Chronicles, #1)
Publication date: April 11th 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

[su_note note_color=”#e1ccbc” text_color=”#000000″]Synopsis:
A Witch. A Wolf. And defective magic.

Samantha Willow is a defective witch. Her magical powers are useless, and her coven has turned its back on her. Her comfortable and serene lifestyle is short-lived when a new neighbor moves in next door. Romance was not on the agenda. To add to her problems, one of her customers ends up dead, and the police want answers.

Dex Lycophron, wolf, and immortal warrior has had enough of fighting for humanity. He wants to put his feet up and relax, but when he gets a whiff of his delectable witchy neighbor, he knows he’s not going to rest until he claims her as his mate. But to do that he must return to the world and connections he left behind.

Will the Witch admit that they belong together?

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From the moment he scented his witchy neighbor, when he moved in, Dex could not erase all manner of thoughts of her from his mind. This morning only made things worse. It took all his will not to be a cave man and throw her on the floor to give them both the release they needed.

He knew she was just as hot for him as he was for her. He scented her arousal when she did a slow trace down the contours of his chest and abs. Damn if that didn’t make his dick hard. He wanted her like a starving man.

Dex followed Samantha’s shenanigans and all the drama on TV. He told himself he wouldn’t get involved, but his brain had clearly decided not being involved was going against every instinct in his body.





His primal instinct knew it, and it wasn’t going to stand by and watch her struggle with all the media and inquiries without support.

He had called his police officer friend to get the inside scoop, and it was clear that whatever was going on, it smelled like a supernatural crime rather than a normal human crime. This also meant his witch had nothing to do with the murder directly, but indirectly someone was trying to send her a message.

His former self had come to the surface, wanting to get involved. He’d left his old job behind for a fresh start from the Phi Athanatoi—an immortal group that protected mankind from the evil that lurked at night. He settled here in Bel Haven and worked from home, doing some back-end stuff for Xen Lyson, the head of the Phi Athanatoi. This kept the money coming in, but it wasn’t about that. He’d built his own fortune over the years, so there was no need for him to work if he didn’t want to, but due to his loyalty to Xen he kept his foot in the door.

He’d been doing rather well, and his old life was starting to fizzle into a distant memory. Until he moved here. He knew when he caught a whiff of Samantha there’d be trouble. He could smell that it followed her. He’d have his hands full and it would make life interesting. The wolf inside growled with appreciation.

He grabbed his keys and headed out. First, he would get rid of the pesky reporters. Then he would see if his witch was okay and sniff out anything that seemed odd. His heightened wolf senses would alert him to anything uncanny.

He drove with purpose, making record time into town. He parked his car far enough away from the reporters. Then got out and headed toward them.

“I heard the suspect for the murder is over in the next town at the All Night Diner,” Dex said.

“How do you know this?”

“I have a reliable source.”

“Why would you share.”

“Hey, I want this guy caught just as much as you do.”

The journalist eyed him. “Okay, we’re on it. Pack up guys, were heading to the All Night Diner.”

They cleared out faster than Dex had thought they would. His wolf inside gave a sly smile.

He crossed the street and headed straight for his witch. He turned his head and scanned the street. Clear, he thought then pushed open the door to Bewitching Blooms.

Samantha was at the counter tying off a large bouquet of mixed roses when he stepped inside the shop.

“What a day. That’s the last one,” she said out loud.

He caught the breath she sucked in when she laid eyes on him and realized she was talking to him. She wasn’t immune to him and that pleased his wolf even more.


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Efthalia lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children.

Her passion for writing was cultivated by the stories her mother told her as a child. Now she writes exciting new worlds with gods, power, and passion.

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