Review: Wray (Tornians, #2) by M.K. Eidem

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Wray Book Cover Wray
Tornians, #2
M.K. Eidem
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
August 30, 2014


Emperor Wray Vasteri was the ruler of the Tornian Empire. His House has ruled the Empire ever since the great infection, which struck over five hundred years ago and he feared he would be the last. The number of compatible females was dwindling faster than anyone knew. If they could not find compatible females soon, their entire civilization would cease to exist. It was the reason he agreed to meet with Liron, the Emperor of the Kaliszian Empire in Kaliszian space. It was the only reason they had crossed paths with a Ganglian ship leaving Tornian space, and it was the only reason that the small female was discovered. Could she be what they had been searching for?

Wray found himself drawn to the small female he’d found beaten and abused on the Ganglian ship. She resembled a Tornian female, but was much smaller. Could she be what he had been searching for?

Kim Teel has had a hard life, at least she thought she had, until her parents were suddenly killed and then her sister and brother in law disappeared. At nineteen, she realized she’d been protected from all of life’s hardships. She had been cared for and loved her entire life had come to expect it. She was terribly spoiled. Determined to change her ways, Kim went looking for her sister, only to be captured by the Ganglians and it was then she learned what happened to the ‘unprotected’ females of the universe.

Wray and Kim are both doing the same thing, trying to survive. But what they find is that there are more important things than just survival. And once they learn that, the universe changes forever.


Wray is book two in the Tornians series by M.K. Eidem.

In the first book in the series, we meet Grim and Lisa. In this book we jump back in time a few months to see how Emperor Wray, meet Kim, the human woman, who changed everything. What happens here leads us to the events in the first book in the Tornians series.

I wasn’t sure if I would read Wray’s story; because I had read Grim’s and then once I finished realized that Wray, at least in my mind, should have been the first book in the series. Now, I can say that both books Grim and Wray can stand on their own and you can read them in any order.

These aren’t the greatest books, but they give me my sexy protective alien fix. Their are grammar and spelling errors, plus plot holes and the world doesn’t entirely make sense. But, its alien science fiction and not everything will make sense or work, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoy the books. What I love about this series is the romance. There is just something about these sexy alien warriors adoring their females that keeps me coming back for more.

I had a lovely time meeting Emperor Wray and Kim’s story. There are forces trying to keep them apart, but in the end they get their HEA and a special surprise.

Wray was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading on in the Tornians series and seeing what befalls other Tornians and human women that have ended up in this universe.

Rated: 3 stars

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