Entwined Within the Darkness (Within the Darkness) by Charley Black ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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Entwined Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness Trilogy
Book One Charley Black
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Publisher: Charley Black
Date of Publication: September 4, 2022
ISBN: 979-8986887708
Number of pages: 310
Word Count: 95, 963
Cover Artist: MiblArt

Book Description:

A wild evening goes demonically wrong…

Patience craves answers. Half a century after appearing on the steps of the witch academy, she was still no closer to recovering her lost memories and identity. Tormented nightly by visions of red eyes and burdened by dreams that, although connected, remain unclear. Patience, to distract herself, decides to defy the rules and enter the vampire club, Moarte, an act strictly forbidden for witches. Never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon, Patience, desperate to save him, binds him to his vampiric lover.

To make matters worse, Lucius, the domineering brother of the vampire, whom Michael is now bound to, harbors a deep resentment for witches and especially for Patience. Even so, they must now work together to find a soul gem that will untether the bond before her best friend completely consumes his brother’s soul. As their unlikely alliance takes form and their attraction grows, Lucius’ presence draws out long-forgotten memories deep from within Patience. He may just be the key to unlocking her past—but will she be able to convince him that he needs her far more than he needs to kill her? Rediscovering her past and how it binds her to Lucius may just prove to be far more dangerous than either of them imagined.

Entwined, the first book in the Within the Darkness Trilogy, will leave readers in suspense. This enemies-to-lovers story will be filled with plenty of action, humor, and steam. So, prepare yourself, as the end of this novel leaves us with a cliffhanger, but not for long! Intended for 18+ readers, stay tuned to find out what lies ahead in this captivating trilogy.

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She let the tempo of the enchanting rhythm carry her away. It helped her let go. It had been a long time since she had done that… just let go.

The rhythm flowed through her as she moved her body, letting all her frustrations float away.

The image flashed through her mind when she closed her eyes as she danced to the beat. It was still unclear. Not letting it bother her, she kept on dancing.

The more she ignored the image, the clearer she could see it until powerful arms wrapped around her from behind her, swaying with her without missing a beat.

She didn’t tense because she wasn’t afraid of the arms enclosing her. They seemed familiar as their warmth surrounded her, making her feel safe. Protected. Her body melted into his.

They swayed to the slow rhythm as his breath tingled her neck, his lips brushing against her russet-brown skin.

She wanted… more. She craved to taste him.

This was crazy talk. She had no clue who was behind her, but she needed to see his face. The sensation from earlier went through her and caressed her soul. Her heart knew this male.

She turned in his arms. His illuminating silver-gray eyes saw right through her, ensnaring her.

She moved closer, never missing a beat. The world around them melted away.
I belong to him… and he belongs to me. Once the thought was in her mind, the feeling rushed through her, causing her to shiver. This was the reason—the reason she was here. For him.

It made little sense. Who was he? And why did she feel like she belonged to him?

All thoughts disappeared when his eyes lit with hunger.

“Mine”, he growled as he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck.
The heat burned its way up her body. His kisses forced her to feel things she longed for until they brushed against her skin—his fangs. Shit.Vampire.

A moan escaped her lips as his fangs grazed her. She shouldn’t let him bite her. Yet… she wanted him to.

It terrified her.

Patience pulled away not realizing her heart was racing until there was a space between them.

She couldn’t tell if it was from fear or desire.

Staring at him, he was taller than her, even with her six-inch heels. He was about six feet four, give or take an inch or two. His dark hair lay disheveled, like he had run his hands through it too many times, giving him a devastating look. His straight nose and sensual lips didn’t help her situation.

This is bad. She had long awaited to discover a connection with someone, but not a vampire.

The bad blood between the two races was real and deadly. One hundred and fifty years ago, they banned the slaughter of each other. And only because their hatred was causing chaos amongst the humans. All for one crazy vampire going on a witch-killing spree. In the past fifty years, she had mostly avoided them. Until tonight. Why did I think this was a good idea?

Her soul was wrong. Her heart was mistaken. This was just another enchantment to draw her in.

To be their prey.

“Mine,” he growled again as he tried to pull her back to him, but she evaded him.
Patience had to locate Michael. If they didn’t leave now, she would find herself in this man’s arms, which would be very dangerous. The bind on her powers wouldn’t last long.

He didn’t know she was a witch.



Charley Black is an up-and-coming writer and author who has been creating stories since she was twelve years old. Her early short stories dabbled in different genres, but her passion for romance novels — paranormal romance in particular — always shone through. Charley currently resides in Rhode Island, with her family and works at a local university. Debuting in September, Entwined will be the first of three novels set in the Within the Darkness universe.

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