Review: Twilight Crook (Flirting With Monsters, #2) by Eva Chase

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Twilight Crook Book Cover Twilight Crook
Flirting With Monsters, #2
Eva Chase
Reverse Harem - Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy
Ink Spark Press
July 24, 2020
Kindle Unlimited


What’s better than three monstrous hotties? How about four…

While helping the trio of sexy-as-sin monsters who followed me home, I lost my apartment, my sense of security, and more blood than was really healthy. Somehow my new lovers make me feel like I’ve gotten the better part of the bargain.

Unfortunately, their newly-rescued boss isn’t so keen on humans. I get the feeling he’d rather rend me limb from limb than give me the time of day. Too bad for him my mortal skills are just too useful to toss aside. After all, we’ve still got a conspiracy of monster-torturing psychos to destroy.

But between crushing Bossypants’s tests and tracking down dirt on our enemies, the most unsettling thing I’ve encountered might be what’s lurking under my skin. I contain powers no human is meant to wield. What does that make me?

I have no idea, but figuring out how to tap into my supernatural side may be my only chance to avenge the woman who raised me and so many who’ve been murdered since. And the one thing I am sure of?

This crook doesn’t back down.

*Twilight Crook is the second book in a new urban fantasy series from bestselling author Eva Chase. If you love kickass heroines with sass to spare, drool-worthy monsters who have their own sense of morality, and steamy romances where there'll be no choosing required, dive in now!*


** I read this as part of the Flirting with Monsters Complete box set.

Twilight Crook is book two in the Flirting With Monsters series by Eva Chase. It’s a reverse harem series with a total of four books to complete the story ARC.

I’m enjoying the series. In Twilight Crook we get a conspiracy of humans, unlike help, and Sorsha grows closer to her shadowkin monsters men. We also learn that Sorsha isn’t just an ordinary human, but we also don’t make much progress on finding out more about her. I’m curious to know!

The guys are great and we get more romance in this novel. The only guy in the gang I don’t care for is Omen. He’s a dick; especially in this installment. He’s the bad boy in the group, but I also think he’s slowly warming up to Sorsha.

There’s a lot of action in Twilight Crook; which keeps things moving along, but the first few chapters are a little slow going.

The one thing I got very frustrated on in this novel is that the bad guys kept finding our gang. This happened over and over and I kept think how are they finding our gang? And, our group didn’t stop to think on how the bad guys kept finding them. It was very frustrating!

Twilight Crook kept me engaged and I plan to read on and see what happens next. It’s not a wow book, but still enjoyable.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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  1. That would make me curious, too- knowing how the bad guys found them over and over.

    • It was an enjoyable read, but man that question should have been asked and answered. Thanks for visiting.