Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop ~ June 16th – 30th

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Welcome To The Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop


How about some single dad books for you to enjoy!!


Winners choice of a $10 Amazon eGift Card or Book/eBook (INT).
USA winner can pick Book/eBook or Amazon Gift Card & International winner can pick physical book from Better World Books.  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.

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79 comments on “Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop ~ June 16th – 30th

  1. He gets treated with his favorite food.

  2. We just chilled at home

  3. We just chilled at home

  4. I made the day all about my husband, he got presents and a his fave meal and dessert!

  5. My kids and I have a BBQ with my husband!

  6. Cherish the memories and have bbq get together to honor.

  7. We go out to eat.

  8. I take my dad out for dinner

  9. we don’t anymore, he died in 2020

  10. My daughter and I go out for a nice dinner and foot massage place nearby.

  11. I celebrate my father by looking up into the heavens every day and saying Hello!

  12. Unfortunately my dad has passed away. For my hubby our kids usually have a cookout.

  13. All of my father figures have since passed, so I don’t celebrate in any way.

  14. My dad lives fairly far away so we make phone calls. It’s generally a pretty normal day here. I need to do more, though.
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  15. We usually have a nice meal at Dad’s favorite restaurant.

  16. Father’s day came and went…. Me and my hubby were not blessed with children and our fathers have both passed away, but that Sunday was a Holy Day, so we went to Mass as we do every week, which is always special and a celebration of God The Father! Thanks and God bless!

  17. We have a nice dinner.

  18. In my case, simply by remembering good times with them, since they are no longer alive.

  19. My Dad lives over 1000 miles away so I called him on Father’s Day and sent a card.

  20. My dad loves shirts from a certain clothing company, so he always gets one of those for Father’s Day. Plus a call and (if possible) a visit.

  21. We hang out and spend time together.

  22. I made all his favorite foods.

  23. We make a phone call and share laughs.

  24. I used to go see my dad for Father’s Day and try to surprise him with a gift. He has passed away, so I think about him a lot on Father’s Day and tell my kids stories about him. We usually make a cake for my hubby and give him a few gifts and special things the kids make for him.

  25. My daughter makes her homemade gifts and we went out to breakfast as a family!

  26. We go out to have a family lunch or dinner

  27. Normally we go for supper with all the kids and their families, this also includes our kids’ in laws. But this year, unfortunately, we were all picking up from tornado and striaght line winds.

  28. Love the covers!~

  29. We have a nice dinner.

  30. He’s been gone for a while now so I usually go to the cematary.

  31. We took him out to eat to a place he choose. Thank you

  32. BBQ

  33. I make him his favorite dinner.

  34. I make him a special dinner and give him a gift.

  35. I celebrate dad with balloons and treats on father’s day every single year.

  36. We take my husband to lunch for his choice, visit my father in law for the afternoon, and then call my dad in the evening.

  37. I gave him a greeting card

  38. I celebrated with my dad by going to Texas Roadhouse.

  39. Normally, I take my husband out for a nice dinner.

  40. Take him out to eat, card, a gift and lots of love!

  41. I treated the man of my life to a nice breakfast this morning.

  42. this book looks intriguing

  43. My dad has passed on

  44. I celebrate fathers day with my dad, with a family dinner 🙂

  45. we let dad make all the decisions on fathers day… food, activities, etc

  46. I don’t really celebrate Father’s Day as my father has long passed and my husband as well. I always message my sons on Father’s Day to acknowledge the fact that they are great dads, usually sending an e-card or posting on Facebook.

  47. I celebrate my mom since she was the mom and dad in my family and deserves the extra celebration. I don’t have any dads in my life that I celebrate.

  48. Family get together

  49. Relax at home with him

  50. We’d always try to go kayaking, weather permitting

  51. we literally do nothing.. my boyfriend doesnt do holidays, he thinks its just another day.. so the kids will usually say happy fathers day and maybe make a card

  52. We usually have a family get together

  53. We usually have a family barbecue.

  54. We usually, the family, all get together and have a wonderful dinner or lunch and day.

  55. Whit a nice dinner.

  56. A nice dinner.

  57. We’ve got dinner planned, and a day of lounging around and playing board games.

  58. I visit my dad and give him his Father’s day gift

  59. I don’t celebrate Father’s Day. When my dad was alive I always sent a card and made a phone call to him. I didn’t get to see him as I lived a five hour drive away.

  60. It’s not something I really celebrate. My dad passed away when I was very young and my son’s father is not around so I’m pulling double duty. My dad was the best though. I miss him every day. Happy Father’s Day to all the single moms out there doing both jobs!

  61. I go eat with my dad. I do nothing for my husband since he always forgets my bday, our anniversary and mothers day.

  62. When my dad was alive we went to my sisters for a nice lunch.

  63. My father died when I was 13 years old, so I just light a candle for him on Father’s Day

  64. The whole family goes to my parents house and we cook him dinner. He always wants to have a BBQ.

  65. My Dad passed away quite a few years ago so I don’t do much, just a little private remembering. Thanks

  66. We usually grill out by our pool.

  67. We usually have a cookout.

  68. Thanks for the giveaway. We go out to eat. 🙂

  69. I don’;t celbrate anymore my father passed away over 13 years ago

  70. We usually have dinner with my brother’s family.

  71. My grown children and I usually take my wonderful husband out to dinner.

  72. We grill steaks and hang out outside.

  73. I like to watch some Hallmark movies.
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  74. I don’t ever celebrate Father’s day.

  75. We usually go to my in laws.

  76. I’ve never had a relationship with my Dad, plus he’s deceased. However, my ex-hubby is a wonderful Dad so our kids will probably hang out with him. I will be chilling at home by myself though.

  77. We like to have a cookout to celebrate

  78. We grill out for him

  79. We usually grill out.