It’s Release Day! Hunter’s Kiss (Ruthless Gods: Wolf God) by Veronica Douglas

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Hunter’s Kiss


Author: Veronica Douglas
Genre: PNR, Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: June 29th, 2023
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I can’t escape the truth.

I broke out of the Dark Wolf God’s realm, but I know he’s always there, watching me from the shadows. I should hate him, but I can’t deny that I’m drawn to the ruthless beast, and the heat between us is only growing stronger.

Am I a fool for thinking there’s a chance he can be redeemed?

He’s pulled me into a war between the shifters and the fae—the two halves of my secret heritage. Both sides are hunting me, but I refuse to be a pawn in their games.

With the fate of the Dreamlands hanging in the balance, I’ll need to master my magic and face the truths that could tear me apart.



Veronica Douglas is a duo of professional archaeologists that love writing and digging together. After spending an inordinate amount of time doing painstaking research for academia, they suddenly discovered a passion for letting their imaginations go wild! A cocktail of magic, romance, and ancient mystery (shaken, not stirred), their books are inspired, in part, by their life in Chicago and their archaeological adventures from around the globe.

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