Kindle Unlimited Jaunt [12]

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Here is what I’ve been checking out in Kindle Unlimited since my last post.
The pictures link to Amazon and the Titles link to my reviews.

Paranormal Romance

Sheriff Bear  DNF not for me.


Next Door Dragon Daddy It was ok. Predictable.


Urban Fantasy

Emergency Shift I read the whole book and it had some interesting things, but I was confused throughout and not understanding the world took away from my enjoyment.


Drafted, Recruiter, Accepted, Lead, Recruited, Soldier, Tactical, Officer – As you can see I’m very much enjoying this series. It took me the first 2 books to get into our lead since she’s 19 when the series starts, but it gets better and she’s competent.


Glass King – Finished the series. It was enjoyable. I like the world. This is a spin-off of Midnight Empire: The Tower.


Witch With A Badge – DNF not for me. I wanted to like this one, but not enough time spent on the Marshal stuff and murder mystery. Our lead jumps around a lot in that she’s a Marshal, then on weekends goes home to her witchy family, then she also does some military training thing. Just too much!


Badge of Honor – The last book in the Potentate of Atlanta series. A great UF series to read. I really like reading Hailey Edwards.


Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

Flor’s Fiasco I like returning to the Icehome planet. It’s a nice series.


Sci-Fi Romance

A Treasure for the Alien Warrior – Treasured by the Alien series is a wonderful Sci-Fi series. I look forward to each new installment. Adorable, cute, and sexy.


The Alien’s Sacrifice, The Alien’s Surrender – Drixonian’s are oh so sexy aliens. This is a spin-off Drixonian Warrior series. She has many books featuring Drixonian’s. I recommend reading.


Twins for the Alien Warrior DNF not for me.


Korjh’s Bride DNF not for me.


Reverse Harem

Wolves of Summer I read book 1 and 2 in this 3 book box set. The books are eh. Not for me.


Twilight Crook – Book 2 in the Flirting with Monsters series. Enjoyable. Lots of action and it kept me engaged.



I’d love to hear from you!
Have you read any of these books? Thoughts?
Any KU recommendations?



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  1. Some great looking books. Thanks for sharing all of them.
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  2. I’m definitely going to get to that Honey Phillips series, but I like seeing what you think of the others on KU. Yay for that binge through a really good series find.

    • Honey Phillips series is a fun one to read. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts. A new release is out and I plan to get to this summer. Thanks for visiting!