The Springfest Sprint (Faetales) by Georgie Monroe ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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The Springfest Sprint


by Georgie Monroe
(A Faetales Novelette, #1)
Publication date: June 23rd 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy


Tradition can really put a damper on wanderlust.

Ember has come of seelie age, however, the spirited heir of the Spring Fae Court hasn’t chosen a mate yet. Per the court’s ancient custom, it’s time for her to run the Springfest Sprint! The males are ready to claim their mates, and many have their sights on the elusive princess. But she’s got a plan…

Hide until this nonsense is over.

It’s not foolproof or typical of the feisty fae, but it’s better than getting bound to a terrible kisser, a pompous bragger, or really… anyone. When she runs into a male who ruins her hiding spot, she has to decide if he’s an enemy or ally.

If you’re looking for plot, setting, and action, with a touch of dark romance and steamy moments, all packaged in a two hour read, then welcome to the Springfest Sprint! Tropes you will find: forced proximity without decent clothes, spicy faerie fae, secret royalty, mate race, fight against tradition, enemies to lovers, misunderstood hero, fae/faerie lore, polyamory, fated mates, fun best friend, and lots of sneaking around.



Winding through the maze of boulders is far easier than running, and every sound—from seed pods clacking together to cricket chirps—bounces off the stone, echoing a sweet song of aloneness. The nervous knot in my chest loosens, and I breathe as deep and fully as I can with my wings bound.

Here I will wait. I lean into a rocky nook. Not the most comfortable hammock ever, but I’ll live. It will only be a few hours…I think. They’ll give up and find the others. I should have probably grabbed a berry or four to tide me over until the feast.

With a sharp clack, a beak pecks just left of my hip, and I roll away from the attack, glaring up at the starling aiming for me again. “I am not a bug, you horrid be—”

The next peck would stab through my forehead if I didn’t drop between the rocks. Balling my fingers, I focus to prevent releasing a lightning ball that would spill feathers as the seed-brain startled but possibly be a beacon to my hiding spot. Looks like I’m not getting any sunshine or fresh air while I wait out the hunt.

Following the narrow path downward, I drop onto a solid dirt ground that rumbles with the sounds of water underneath. I like this little cave. I’m not sure anyone else knows of it since no one has mentioned its discovery, but I’m hoping they’re not like me. I didn’t want to share the quiet solitude and calm pool of water that’s tucked into the corner. It’s hard for my eyes to adjust to such little light, but I follow my feet to the edge of the pool and tug at the top straps of my silks. How long would they take to dry if I washed them here?

There’s a hum in the dark, then a deep chuckle as I look around, trying to see into the shadows.

“You look rather rough, tiny Fae.”

To Hecate with the magic push, I launch a light ball toward the amused, unfamiliar voice.



Georgie Monroe is an author of sassy erotica romance. Born on the southern east coast, she’s a firm believer that mac and cheese solves nearly any problem and that spring weather means the day’s outfit will consist of seven layers. She’s terribly optimistic and will douse anyone around her in “it’s going to work out” sparkles. And she loves to write all the juicy parts of relationships between a variety of people so that her readers can enjoy stepping into the lives of fun, sexy, and sometimes highly flawed people who deserve a well-earned happily ever after.

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