The Unseelie’s Wallflower (Courts in Conflict) by Elisa Rae ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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The Unseelie’s Wallflower

by Elisa Rae
(Courts of Conflict, #1)
Publication date: June 6th 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

[su_note note_color=”#E8D8DC” text_color=”#000000″] Synopsis:
Greyson hides many things from the Unseelie Court when they invade his estate each autumn for the Wild Hunt. During his required appearance as host, he is surprised to find a human among the glittering fae. She can see him even when he is using his stealth magic, which means only one thing—they are soul mates. Can he protect her amidst the swirl of fae politics and a plot against her life?

Lyra has grown up among the fae. She has been trained to be the perfect servant. Then her master brings her to the Unseelie Court event of the year and demands she demonstrate her skills to nobles. With the promise of freedom as a motivator, she willingly agrees. Then she realizes her master’s true plan thanks to the intimidating fae lord hosting the event. Though why he would be invested in her fate is a mystery.

The Unseelie’s Wallflower is a light, fantasy romance novella about a relationship between an Unseelie and a human woman. It features faes, fated mates, and a romance between a noble and a servant, all played out against a backdrop of the peril, politics, and maneuverings of the Unseelie Court.




“You are bound to the house now.” Drummons informed me as he dragged me through the crowd of fae.

I nodded my understanding. I had expected as much since he used to bind me to his estate before.

It took all of my self-control not to gawk at the fae around us. Sprites fluttered their gossamer wings. A cluster of giggling pixies sparkling with magic dust dashed by, and a regal naiad covered in the subtle sheen of scales beneath her silk gown sneered at them. Everywhere I turned, creatures I couldn’t name walked by. As imposing as some of them were, none held a candle to the dour-faced male I had surprised among the ferns.

Something about his eyes intrigued me. Despite the restraint of his expression and reserve in his manner, his eyes were vulnerable. Plus, he didn’t rebuke me for my boldness. Drummons was always lecturing me about my tendency to speak when least appropriate. But I couldn’t help it. The strange fae’s sad eyes made me long to make him smile. He appeared to be a man who needed laughter in his life.

“Stop smiling.” Drummons shook my upper arm, breaking me from my thoughts. “Reserved, respectful, and quiet—repeat with me now.”

I obediently recited the mantra that he insisted I learn and apply to my manner. Arranging my expression into a mask of neutrality, I lowered my chin and took a slow, deep breath. It was hard to remain reserved, but I must. If this house party went the way Drummons wanted, he had promised me freedom.

After a lifetime of servitude, I hungered for liberty. Imagine being allowed to make choices about what I did, who I talked to, and what I ate. I wished to live away from Drummons’ demands and whining. I just had to be perfect for one week. Surely I was capable of that. One week of ignoring handsome, sad-eyed strangers and their need for laughter. I could bite my tongue.


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A reader of fairytales and folklore, Elisa Rae loves a happy ending. Noblebright characters, dastardly villains, and chemistry between characters delight her. When she isn’t writing, she loves to watch superhero movies and literary dramas.

Elisa Rae is the pen name of Rachel Rossano.

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