Graphic Audio Review: Tempting Danger (World of the Lupi, #1) by Eileen Wilks

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Tempting Danger Book Cover Tempting Danger
World of the Lupi, #1
Eileen Wilks
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance
October 27, 2020
7 hours and 36 minutes
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The USA Today bestselling author tempts success in this stunning debut novel.

National bestselling author Eileen Wilks draws readers into a bold new world where the magical and mundane co-exist in an uneasy alliance--and a cop balanced on her own knife-edged struggle is their only hope against a cold-blooded killer.

Lily Yu is a San Diego police detective investigating a series of grisly murders that appear to be the work of a werewolf. To hunt down the killer, she must infiltrate the clans. Only one man can help her--a were named Rule Turner, a prince of the lupi, whose charismatic presence disturbs Lily. Rule has his own reasons for helping the investigation--reasons he doesn't want to share with Lily. Logic and honor demand she keep her distance, but the attraction between them is immediate and devastating-and beyond human reason. Now, in a race to fend off evil, Lily finds herself in uncharted territory, tested as never before, and at her back a man who she's not sure she can trust.


Tempting Danger is book one in the World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks.

I read this one long before I started blogging and I had some issues with the romance and getting into the world, but the GA’s really hit the spot and grabbed me. Now, I wouldn’t call this a romance. I’d say it’s more urban fantasy.

Lily Yu is a homicide detective with a touch of magic. I found her to be an interesting character. She’s a Chinese American. We don’t get too many main characters that are CA. She’s strong, determined, and focused.

Rule Turner a Lupi prince. He’s charismatic, suave, and determined to protect his clan and the women his lady has chosen for him.

The two are forced to work together to solve a murder and stop a plot that could though the world into chaos. Not knowing who they can trust, as they sort out the clues, and try to arrive at the answers before it is too late.

I enjoyed the plot. I like the combination of paranormal and murder mystery with a dash of romance. This one has a lot of shadowy characters that make almost everyone look guilty at one point.

The world building was very creative and caught my interests. I like all the myths and legions. I like all the variety of magic and magic users. Rule’s shifter world is very different from others I’ve read.

As for the romance, I wouldn’t call it a romance. They are chosen by the Lupi’s lady, which means they have a physical attraction, but no love, yet. There is passion. I’m just unsure on the romance at this time. These two work well together. Lily likes things orderly and Rule functions well in chaos.

The secondary characters are very cool. They have major functions in the novel. I really loved Lilly’s grandmother. She is my favorite and well Lilly’s cat Dirty Harry is a scene stealer.

Graphic Audio: I had more fun with this novel as a graphic audio than I did reading it. I still had some of the same issues, but the whole movie for the mind with all the voices and sound effects added to the story and made it more. All the voice for each individual character stood out and fit the characters. The Asian comes out for those of the Chinese Americans. The added music, sound, and special effects really kept the story moving along. A few scenes had too much background noise that took away from my enjoyment.

All and all, Tempting Danger, was an enjoyable listen and I plan to continue listening to the World of the Lupi series.

Rated: 3.5 Stars
Graphic Audio Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. Sounds like a great audiobook. The cover is amazing!

  2. After you mentioned this one was available on Graphic Audio I put it on my library wish list b/c I haven’t read this series in years and can barely remember most of it.

  3. Oh! I’ve been thinking about trying another series with GA after loving Innkeeper. Glad this was a good experience for you.
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