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What inspired you to write this book?

I love writing ex-military men (I’m married to one!) and I love forbidden love romance. When someone’s off limits it raises the stakes. I wanted to write a best friend’s widow story but was nervous about it because I knew I had to get the reader on board with the characters and that’s a hard call when the best friend died as a war hero. I hope I pulled it off.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More books set on Wild Heart Mountain. I’ve got a series coming soon that are ex-military mountain men who are in an MC club. Yup, ex-military mountain men bikers!

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Cherished by the Mountain Man?

Corbin’s been in love with Angie ever since they were kids, but his best friend, Paul married her. When Paul dies while on tour, his dying wish is for Corbin to look after his wife and kids. Six years later and Corbin is dutifully making sure the single mom has everything she needs while denying himself the one thing he’s ever wanted.

Angie is a single mom running her own business. She’s one tough cookie and has been through hell and back dealing with grief. But six years after losing her husband she’s longing for a man’s touch, for one man in particular. But Corbin is too honorable to pursue the one thing his heart desires.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

Cherished by the Mountain Man is the final book in the Wild Heart Mountain: Military Heroes series. I like the idea of scarred heroes returning to the mountain to lick their wounds. I love writing ex-military men as there’s so much scope for emotional depth to their characters. They might be dealing with PTSD, getting to grips with a new limp or turned reclusive by what they’ve been through.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I loved the challenge of making the reader sympathetic to this couple even though she’s the widow of his best friend.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

Angie has been through a lot. She lost her parents and took over the running of their bar. Then she lost her husband and was left with two young kids and on her own. She’s fiercely proud and refuses to take any charity even though her business is in trouble and they’re living in a two bedroom apartment above the bar. She’s tough and fierce and I loved giving her the happily ever after she deserves.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reins of the story?

My characters definitely hijack the story. I have an outline and a plan for them but sometimes during a scene they take things in a new direction and I usually go with it.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

Cherished by the Mountain Man is a novella that can be read in a couple of hours. It’s got emotional depth with a sticky sweat happily ever after. It’s a quick pick me up that’ll leave you feeling good about the world.

What did you edit out of this book?

I was going to do a three part epilogue to mirror the prologue but decided it was too much so I cut it in the edit. I might release it as bonus content at some point for my email list.




Cherished By the Mountain Man

Wild Heart Mountain: Military Heroes Book 5
by Sadie King
Genre: Mountain Man Military Romance

She’s my best friend’s widow and the only woman I’ve ever loved…

Paul was my best friend, my brother in arms, and the only one of us that didn’t come back alive. I promised if something ever happened to him that I’d look after Angie, his wife. He doesn’t know that I’ve loved Angie for almost as long as he has. Now she’s a single mom and running a business on her own. I sense her loneliness; I sense her need. Angie’s off-limits, but my heart beats for her. And I don’t know how much longer I can resist this pull between us…

Cherished by the Mountain Man is a best friend’s widow forbidden love romance featuring an ex-military mountain man and the curvy single mom he cherishes.

Authors note: Cherished by the Mountain Man is a steamy instalove novella that can be read in about two hours. If you love a quickie, then dive on in!

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Weddings are supposed to be happy days. But watching Rhys and Indigo on the dance floor has my insides tied up in knots. Their faces glow with adoration for each other. I’m happy for them, but there’s a sadness inside me knowing that I’ll never have this happy moment. The only woman I love can never be mine.

The rest of the guests stand in a circle around the dance floor with wide smiles on their faces. It’s hard not to grin at the joyful couple. I’m happy Rhys has found love, and Indigo seems like just the woman to heal his troubled soul.

Fran’s spinning around by the side of the dance floor with Karmel, Dylon’s daughter. And even Jamie, hiding in the corner booth, has lowered his book to watch them dance.

The only person not smiling is Angie. Even though she looks stunning in the simple blue lace dress that hugs her curves, her shoulders are tense and worry lines are etched into her features.

It’s been one long day for her of setting up the bar for the reception and coordinating the extra staff she bought in for the day. It’s a small wedding, but she’s been busy all day and I haven’t had a chance to speak with her.

Angie turns away from the dance floor and goes through the Staff Only door by the side of the bar. I wait a beat and then follow her. I want to make sure she hasn’t done a deal with the Berone family to pay off her debt. I’ve been following up on some leads, and I have a way to help her that I hope she’ll find acceptable.

She passes her office and enters the supply room at the end of the corridor.

“Angie,” I call, but she doesn’t hear me over the sound of the music.

I push the door open after her and find Angie stretching up to get something from the top shelves.

I grab the box of napkins and hand it to her.

“You’re missing the first dance,” I say.

She smiles sadly. “I’m not in a dancing mood.”

“I’ve been speaking with the Wild Riders MC.” Angie tilts her head. They’re a motorcycle club based on the other side of the mountain near Wild. Every single rider is a military vet. They’ve supported Angie before, helping out when we did the renovation and stopping by the restaurant, even though they own a bar and restaurant themselves.

“They’d like to do a charity run for you, for the bar.”

Angie’s brow furrows. “I’m not a charity, Corbin. There are others that need their money more than I do.”

This is typical Angie. When it comes to money, it’s hard to get her accept anything.

“It’s a one off, Angie, to help a military widow out of a sticky situation. If you feel uncomfortable, they’ll loan you the money instead…”

I trail off as Angie shakes her head.

“Thanks for trying to help, Corbin, but I’ve made up my mind.” She takes a big breath. “I’m selling the bar.”

I stare at her for a moment. This was her parents’ bar; it was named for her. This can’t be what she wants.

“You don’t need to sell. There’s help for you…”

“I’ve decided, Corbin. It’s too hard. I’m exhausted. I’m selling and taking the kids somewhere else. Somewhere I can get a regular job and give them a better life.”

The wind goes out of my chest and I stare at her, trying to take in the words.

“You’re leaving?”

My heart pounds, and my ears ring. Angie can’t move away. I can’t imagine life without her and the kids.

“You can’t go,” I blurt out, running my hands through my hair.

She cocks her head and looks at me expectantly.

“Why not, Corbin? What’s keeping me here?”


I want to scream.

Stay for me.

I’ll be lost without Angie; my life will have no meaning without her. Perhaps this is the moment to tell her. To tell her I love her.

Promise you’ll look out for Angie and the kids.

Paul’s words whisper in my head. I promised my best friend I’d look after his wife, not fall in love with her.

I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. How can I tell her how I feel? How can I betray Paul’s memory?

Angie’s expectant look turns to sadness.

“I thought so.” She shuffles the napkins in her hands. “I thought there might be a reason to stay. But I don’t think there’s anything here for me.”




Loved By the Mountain Man
Wild Heart Mountain: Military Heroes Book 1

He’s a scarred military hero. She’s the young, innocent woman forced to spend a night in his cabin…

My unit came back to Wild Heart Mountain to heal and to hide. I’ve been doing a lot of hiding until I meet Hailey. I’m scarred, I’m damaged, and I’m way too old for her. But the curvy and quirky Hailey makes me feel alive. She brings hope and joy back to my life. I faced the enemy in Iraq, but it’s nothing compared to the vulnerability I feel when Hailey holds my heart in her hands. Can she see past the scars, the limp, and the age gap, or was it pity that brought her to my bed?

Loved by the Mountain Man is a forced proximity, ex-military, age gap, instalove romance featuring a scarred military mountain man and the curvy, innocent heroine who may be the healing balm that this damaged hero needs.

Authors note: Loved by the Mountain Man is a short instalove story that can be read in about an hour. If you love a quickie, then dive on in!

**On Sale! Only .99cents July 20 – 26!!**
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Sadie King is a USA Today Best Selling Author of short instalove romance.

She lives in New Zealand with her ex-military husband and raucous young son.

When she’s not writing she loves catching waves with her son, running along the beach, and good wine, preferably drunk with a book in hand.

Keep in touch when you sign up for her newsletter. You’ll even snag yourself a free short romance!

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