Graphic Audio Review: Mortal Danger (World of the Lupi, #2) by Eileen Wilks

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Mortal Danger Book Cover Mortal Danger
World of the Lupi, #2
Eileen Wilks
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance
Graphic Audio
October 23, 2020
8 hours and 5 minutes


Former cop Lily Yu has her sister's wedding to attend, a missing magical staff to find, and now must deal with her grandmother's decision to return to the old country. Lily could turn to the man she's involved with for advice, but for all the passion that flares between them, she doesn't really know Rule Turner - she's just bound to him for life. Rule happens to be a werewolf, and Lily wonders just how far she can trust him.

Performed by Colleen Delany, Nanette Savard, Danny Gavigan, Matthew Bassett, Alyssa Wilmoth, David Coyne, James Keegan, Michael Glenn, Terence Aselford, Barbara Pinolini, Faith Potts, Cassie Platt, Joe Brack, Ken Jackson, Nora Achrati, Lily Beacon, Michael John Casey, Elizabeth Jernigan, James Konicek, Eric Messner, Nick DePinto, Tim Getman, Richard Rohan.


Mortal Danger is book two in the Wold of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks.

Man oh man Lily has a lot to deal with. She’s going through a lot of changes since Tempting Danger. She now works for the Special Federal Force, she’s trying to find a dangerous staff, and her relationship with Rue, well she wants to take it slow and get to know him, but he’s pushing for her to move in and more. Lily is independent and sensible. She wants to find a balance.

This novel had us jumping around a bit. It takes place on two planes and kept me on my toes. Listening to the graphic audio helped me understand the two planes, Lily’s issues, and whats happening to her. It can be confusing, but also interesting. We get more explanations to help clarify somethings and give us more questions. Lily as we saw in the first novel ask a lot of questions. That’s good, but here, my god, the women should just accept somethings on faith.

The secondary characters continue to play major rolls in the storyline and plot development. We do get to meet some new characters. I enjoy all the characters we’ve meet a lot and like that we just don’t focus on one couple, but many relationships. You also don’t know who is good or bad. It keeps you guessing.

As for the romance I’m not a fan. Its not a true romance and doesn’t feel like one. Yes, Rule and Lily have passion, but I just don’t feel love. In this one they are tense and frustrated with each other; because they can’t seem to compromise on anything even the mate bond.

As for the Lupi its an interesting bunch. I’m not total sold on their nature and world. It’s quite different from what I’m used to reading on wolves, so changing my opinion on mates is a bit hard. I’m trying. The Lupi are very secretive and keep a lot hidden. Only a bit is revealed and we learn as Lily does on the go.

Graphic Audio: It’s another bing worthy listen. The special effects, sounds, and voices suck you in and move the storyline along. As I said above this one takes place in two planes and it can get confusing, but listening helped me differentiate. When I read this title I had a lot of issues with this aspect, but the audio helped a lot.

Mortal Danger is an exciting listen full of action and suspense. It’s got lots of twists, new paranormal facts, and a powerful ending.

Rated: 3.5 Stars
Graphic Audio: 4 Stars

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2 comments on “Graphic Audio Review: Mortal Danger (World of the Lupi, #2) by Eileen Wilks

  1. Neat how the Graphic Audio edition helped the book be less confusing. I’ve got this series on my library wish list for eventually.

    • ^_^ Ya, the GA are good and helped me with the series. It’s nice my library has them to listen to. Reading the first two books was hard and I stoped the series, but now with the GA I’m enjoying. Happy Listening!!