Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Aug. 2023

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Welcome To August’s Monthly Wrap Up


August has been a busy month.  We bought a house and are doing renovations, so my time and mind have been focused on the renovation project.  I’ve got to deiced on materials and see about costs.  Mr. Angel won’t sign off on anything until he sees what each room is going to cost.  Currently my new kitchen for the custom cabinets is around $35,000.  I’m trying to get that down.  I’m still having to figure out cost on tile for the bathrooms, vanities, and everything else you need.  My god there are just so many options.  It’s so overwhelming. 

This month has been focused on working out the design for kitchen, master bathroom, and hall bathroom.  I’ve also had to really look at the project to-do list and figure out what can wait and what has to be done know.  Trying to cut costs.  It’s turning out to be more time consuming and expensive than what we expected so, my life revolves around that.  My brain is focused on keeping the project moving, so we can move in. 

I do go over to the house about every other day to water the plants.  The current sprinkler system that is installed in the front yard doesn’t work properly and ends up putting water into the garage, so I turned it off and the backyard system doesn’t work at all.  Panda loves coming with me; because she gets to enjoy her new backyard, which we both love.

The kid is back in school and we made it through our first week of 6th grade.  OH MY!  He’s a middle schooler now.  

Reading has been a No Go =/!  I’m sad about not reading or listening to audiobooks, but I just can’t get into anything, so I haven’t even tried.  I planed to participate in the Library Love Bingo, but with the new house, that plan got put aside, though I have to say it was nice to see what everyone was doing for that Mini-Library Love Challenge.  GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED.

Last, Threads now has a website:   I’m moving away from Twitter aka X and Mastodon.  I’ll still have my accounts, but I’m not going to be posting actively on Twitter aka X or Mastodon.  The MAIN sites I will be posting too will be; Facebook and Threads plus pictures to Instagram.  You can find sales/deals and book promotions on Facebook and Threads.  I’m hoping Threads will get a share button soon!


Congratulations to all the winners this month!
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  • Heather G. won the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop and picked the Amazon eGift Card.
  • Darlene O. won the Apple a Day Giveaway Hop and picked the Amazon eGift Card.
  • Marisela Z. won the Back to School Giveaway Hop and picked the Amazon eGift Card.
  • Melissa won the 2023 Library Love Bingo Giveaway and picked the Amazon eGift Card.






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8 comments on “Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up ~ Aug. 2023

  1. Two years ago when we updated our bathroom, I remember getting overwhelmed over so many decisions. You have my sympathy. 🙂 I know its exciting and fun at times, too so hopefully it will go smoothly. Glad Panda is enjoying her new yard and the kiddo is off to a good start at school.

    I’ll have to check out Threads now that it has a site.

    • We’re doing the top floor of the house for our remodel, so I’ve got the kitchen, which is already frustrating; because of cost, then the hall bathroom and master bathroom. Just so many decisions and the amount of items out there is boggling. At times its exciting and fun!

      Thanks for visiting. Always love it when people stop by and talk.

  2. You have lots of excitement there. I did good quality non-custom cabinets. I like Kitchenaid and both Home Depot and Lowe’s have them at 30% off which saved me about $7,000 instead of ordering through the installer at retail. It’s awesome you can renovate while you don’t live there. Contractors can be annoying. I’m not giving up on Mastodon yet but it doesn’t have the volume / content of other sites yet. I am moving away from Twitter.
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Catch Her Death by Melinda Leigh @MelindaLeigh1 #MontlakeRomance @amazonpub @melindaleighauthorpage #KindleUnlimitedMy Profile

    • Will see what happens with the cabinets for the kitchen. I’m still looking!

      I think most people are moving away from Twitter aka X or maybe it’s just the bloggers, who knows. I still have Mastodon, but as you said it doesn’t have the volume / content as other sites do. I just need to focus on a few sites to social and hopefully things will settle.

      Thanks for visiting. Have a great September!

  3. Such exciting times. Before you know it all the updates will be done and you will be in your new home. I am using threads too.

    • As of now we’re waiting on permits, so I’m working on all the materials. I’m hoping to be moved in before the end of the year, but we will see. It’s exciting, but also stressful. Pick out stuff and the prices become overwhelming. I can’t wait for it to be done!!

      I saw you on threads. I’m trying to follow those that are on it.
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love seeing all the home improvements – I’m excited for you and your family.

    I’ve withdrawn completely from X, but didn’t delete my account. I continue to post at Mastodon and Threads. I like Mastodon bc there are still a lot of Romancelandia readers/bloggers there, which is really my target audience. If Threads continues to catch on, then I may stop posting there, too.
    Jen Twimom recently posted…Review: Claws and Contrivances by Stephanie BurgisMy Profile

    • Thanks Jen!

      Ya, I still have the X account, just not posting or limiting my posting. I’m so busy with real life that I’m trying to focus on a few social medias for the blog and not be so spread out. I still have Mastodon, but I’m not posting there except for the blog posts. I’m hoping Threads continues to catch on. I’d love a share button and follow option for them on blogs.

      Thanks for visiting!