2022 COYER Challenge

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We decided to make Fall be the season where we get to revisit some old COYER fun. Like last year, the rules will get a little tighter, without completely icing you out. Last year (2021) we gave you the scavenger hunt. This year, we bring you The List, The Strict, and The One with the Twist! COYER OG’s will remember this from Winter 2017-2018. We’ve adapted it for Fall… here are your rules (beginning October 1):

To get the full details head over to Because Reading is Better Than Real Life!


The List


  1. (Audio) Shadow Witch by Kim Richardson – Bought Audible $7.49
  2. (Audio) Double-Sided Magic by McKenzie Hunter – Bought Audible $5.00
  3. (Audio) The Vampire’s Cursed Kiss by Kristen Painter – Bought Audible $5.98
  4. Scorched by Darkness by Felicity Heaton – Bought eBook $2.48
  5. Guard by Anna Hackett – Bought eBook $0.49c
  6. Witch Way Home by Danielle Garret – Bought eBook $0.99c 
    (wrong book/already read)
  7. Lucky Witch by Danielle Garret – Bought eBook $0.99c



Okay so there is my list. Now let’s see how well I check them off!




  1. Double-Sided Magic
  2. Scorched by Darkness
  3. Lucky Witch