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Oracle of Life (The Lords’ Gambit) by Katherine D. Graham ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

  Oracle of Life   The Lords’ Gambit Series, Volume 1 by Katherine D. Graham Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy Six fallen lords. Three vengeful goddesses. And one mortal, damned to prophesy for them all. An Exiled Oracle Nariah, the Heiress of Ellonai, is dead. An exiled, desert-dwelling Doomsayer is all that remains within the shell

Hunter Avenged (Forgotten Brotherhood) by N.J. Walters ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

    Hunter Avenged   Forgotten Brotherhood Book 6 by N.J. Walters Genre: Paranormal Romance It’s taken Viking hunter Sven Knutson six frustrating months to find her. To track down the angel responsible for compromising the Forgotten Brotherhood and waking the drakon. She may be clever. Resourceful. But no one ever gets away from Sven. Ever.

The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby (Cat’s Paw Cove) by Sharon Buchbinder ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby   Cat’s Paw Cove Book 26 by Sharon Buchbinder Genre: Sweet Paranormal Romance When home organizer and Gorgon, Meddy Stheno, is called in to help a recent arrival to Cat’s Paw Cove tidy up his home, she meets a handsome and frustrated father of a precocious three-year old. Meddy

A Raven Remix by Sarah Hualde ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

  A Raven Remix   A Paranormal Penny BoxSet #1 by Sarah Hualde Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery Most people run from death, But not Penny. She chases it down. Penny’s premonitions put her friends in peril. Join her as she stalks the bird of death by following the musical clues he leaves behind. Will she

Fated Mates Series by Jess Bryant ~ #BookTour

  Unbreakable Bond Fated Mates Series Book 1 by Jess Bryant Genre: Paranormal Romance Sometimes fate gets it all wrong.
 Zoey Kent has lived with that fact ever since she turned eighteen and learned that the man she loved could never be hers. He’s a born shifter, a wolf, and she’s a mere human. Fate

Take Me To The Mountain (Mountain Men of Whiskey River) by Kaci Rose ~ #BookTour

  Take Me to the Mountain     **Don’t miss the other Mountain Men of Whiskey River!**     $20 Amazon Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway     –      

Under a Wicked Moon (The Crown’s Wolves) by Zoe Forward ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Under a Wicked Moon   The Crown’s Wolves Book 2 by Zoe Forward Genre: Paranormal Romance     She moistened her lips as she stood, eyelids at half-mast. “We shouldn’t go there.” He was suffocated by her proximity, by the feel of her hand on him, even though it was only resting on his

Forever Askole (Coletti Warlords) by Gail Koger ~ #BookTour

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  Forever Askole   Coletti Warlords Book 16 by Gail Koger Genre: Humorous SciFi Romance Adventure My name is Ella McAllister, I’m a psychic witch and a healer. My life is kinda nuts. Not only do I have the Coletti hunters chasing me, but now I also have a very determined Askole High Commander after

Take Me to the Lake (Mountain Men of Whiskey River) by Kaci Rose ~ #BookTour

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  Take Me To the Lake   Mountain Men of Whiskey River Book 3 by Kaci Rose Genre: Billionaire Mountain Man Romance Someone is watching me. Luckily my mountain man is watching over me. Hope: I didn’t think they would find me here. I moved to the small town of Whiskey River three months ago,

It’s Release Day! NIN (Earth Girls Aren’t Easy) An Intergalactic Dating Agency Novel by A.C. James ~ #Excerpt

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  NIN Earth Girls Aren’t Easy Book 1 An Intergalactic Dating Agency Novel by A.C. James Genre: SciFi Romance Nin is huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim her. Rae worked for a bosshole at a marketing agency and survived an expensive and crappy divorce. Suddenly a light flashed, and not one but three alien men

Saving Gavin (Oakside Military Heroes) by Kaci Rose ~ #BookTour

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  Saving Gavin   Oakside Military Heroes Book 5 by Kaci Rose Genre: Contemporary Military Romance I let her go before I enlisted. I left my heart with her. Now I’m home for good – my world has changed, my sight gone. Not only do I have to be with her every day as I learn

Guest Post: Susan Stradiotto – Magical Limitations (Raine of Fire) ~ #BookTour

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  MAGICAL LIMITATIONS When writing fantasy, there’s a concern that magic will be seen as the proverbial dues ex machina, or the thing that suddenly happens that allows the main characters to get out of an impossible situation. A classic fantasy example is the golden eagles in the Lord of the Rings. I’ve always felt

Ancient Desire (Forgotten Brotherhood) by N.J. Walters ~ #BookTour

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  Ancient Desire (Forgotten Brotherhood #5) By N.J. Walters Publication: August 15, 2022 Genre: Paranormal Romance Nothing was supposed to wake half dragon, half human Lucius from his Deep Sleep. Nothing. And yet something, or rather someone has. The unexpectedly attractive human not only touched him. She kissed him. Now Lucius is awake, and more powerful than he

Purloined Poinsettia (Motts Cold Case Mystery) by Dahlia Donovan ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Purloined Poinsettia Motts Cold Case Mystery Book 4 by Dahlia Donovan Genre: Cozy Mystery Murder comes knocking when a killer hunts for budding amateur detective Pineapple “Motts” Mottley in the fourth novel of the Motts Cold Case Mystery series. The past and present collide for Motts when two serial killer brothers barge into her

Rogue (Talisman) by Tam DeRudder Jackson ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Rogue   by Tam DeRudder Jackson (Talisman, #6) Publication date: June 28th 2022 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis: Baz Cormac never intended to be a rogue, but fate had other ideas. Being forced to pledge loyalty to the evil Morrigan is its own kind of hell. So when Baz discovers the lie she’s used

Pirate’s Protector (Sentinels of Savannah) by Lisa Kessler ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Pirate’s Protector Sentinels of Savannah Book 7 by Lisa Kessler Genre: Paranormal Romance After two centuries as an immortal pirate, Duke Proctor figures he’s experienced pretty much everything. Which is exactly when he finds himself held at gunpoint…by a mermaid. But the exquisitely lush blonde—whose eyes are deeper than the sea—is here for a

Witchhunter Series by Quinn Blackbird ~ #BookTour

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  Witchhunter   Witchhunter Book 1 by Quinn Blackbird Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance DARK PARANORMAL ROMANCE. FANS OF THALASSA AND HUTCHINS WILL DEVOUR THIS SERIES! ‘I want to hurt people, those awful, unspectacular humans. But the Hunters …? Oh, what I wouldn’t give to tear them limb from limb.’ The land is divided into two,

Seasons of Magic Series by Sarah Biglow ~ #BookTour

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  Do you love urban fantasy? Are strong leading ladies your jam? Do you enjoy a good supernatural mystery?   Then you’ll love the Seasons of Magic series.   For every season there is a Savior…and for every Savior a destiny. When a series of brutal crimes lands in her lap, newly-minted Detective Ezri Trenton

Rituals & Runes: A Limited Edition Anthology ~ #BookTour

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  Rituals & Runes   A Limited Edition Anthology Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy The runes are cast, the rituals prepared. Now it’s time to break the rules… Fall under the spell of swoon-worthy supernatural heroes and magical heroines in fantastical worlds filled with dangerous adventures and epic romances. Witches, Wizards, Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Devils,

Jousting and Justice (Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic) by Elizabeth Pantley ~ #BookTour

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  Jousting and Justice   Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 5 by Elizabeth Pantley Genre: Magical Cozy Mystery An invitation to a medieval festival. A ferry ride to a mysterious island. A scheming, inept witch. An office break-in, an unidentified body, and a string of suspects. Can Hayden, her brave, sassy cat, Latifa,