Review: Darkness Everlasting (Guardians of Eternity, #3) by Alexandra Ivy

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Darkness Everlasting

Two men…one desires her love…the other her life…
Darcy Smith always sensed she was different from everyone else–if only she knew how different.  Possessing a secret strong enough to end an entire race of demons, Darcy unwittingly becomes a pawn in an epic battle between the vampires and the Weres as she discovers a new world filled with ecstasy–and dark passions.
Consumed with lust for Darcy, Styx–the Anasso of vampires–will do everything in his powers to keep her out of the lair of Salvatore Giuliani, the deadly leader of the Weres.  But protecting the woman he loves could cost Styx the ultimate price…
Salvatore Giuliani knows time is running out for the Weres.  Pushed to the brink of extinction, he will stop at nothing to make Darcy his ultimate conquest and queen–for she alone holds the key to his survival.
But which of these men can Darcy trust?  For all it takes is one bite to plunge her into a lifetime of servitude–or a lifetime of pleasure.
Succumb to eternal passion. 

5 Darkness Stars

This is the third book in the Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy. The series has gotten better in each book and I look forward to reading book four. The series offers a verity of supernatural creatures, hot and sexy men and strong beautiful women. The world the author creates is believable and adventures.

In Darkness Everlasting we get humor, romance, action, and more.

Styx is a warrior vampire whom we are introduced to in book two Embrace The Darkness and we get his story in book three Darkness Everlasting. Styx is the newly-appointedAnasso ruler of the vampires and all demons (paranormal creatures). He is trying to keep the peace between vamps and weres. He has learned that the new leader of the weres Salvatore has been searching for a women and he hopes he can use this to leverage peace.

Styx is more a warrior, but now that he is Anasso he must become a leader and think about his people first. He has kept himself hidden for so long in the shadows that his lack of modern day knowledge of the human world and women is funny to read. As well as him comeing to the realization that Darcy is his true mate.

Darcy Smith is a very independent woman who had a hard life and has learned to survive on her own. She has always been“different” thou she does not know why and this “different” has made her life more difficult, but she has learned to adapt. Her life is turned upside down when a strange man comes into the bar she works at. She has a feeling he is not safe. When she tries to get away she is captured by Styx and her life becomes entangled in the demon world. I enjoyed her independence and the struggle she goes through trying to come to terms with what she is, the family that she has out there, and her feelings for Styx.

I recommend reading the Guardians of Eternity series. The first book is hard to get into, but the series gets better as it goes along. I enjoy the world, characters, humor, romance, and adventure created by Alexandra Ivy. 

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