Review: Raining in My Heart (The McKays, #1) by Rita Hestand

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Raining in My Heart

Contemporary Romance – Western


Julie’s father died and she must go home. Going home isn’t easy for Julie McKay since she hadn’t seen her father in a long time and she’s had a daughter he never got to see. But in her father’s will she is shocked to find out that the father that adopted her, is her real father, and that if she agrees to stay on the ranch for a year she’ll be a very rich woman. Can she up end her life and go home?



~ 2.5 Raining In My Heart Stars ~

I don’t usually read contemporary romance, but I got this free on Amazon.  The cover is HOT and well who can turn down a Cowboy, so I figured I’d try something new.

I liked parts of the store and other parts I just could not stand. It had a little to much drama and long winded conversations that repeated themselves. To much sexual tension between the main characters and not enough release. Julie just made me frustrated with her feelings running all over the place and her regret. Cade on the other had is a sweet caring cowboy, whom I feel for at the beginning. I enjoyed Caleb the old cowhand the girls “deceased” father hired; thou we all can figure out whom he is right from the start.

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