Review: Feral Heat (Shifters Unbound, #5.5) by Jennifer Ashley

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~ 3 Feral Stars ~

Feral Heat is #5.5 in Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. This novella was ok! It’s not my favorite in the long line of novellas or full length books in this series, but it does give us more in-site into the collars and a Faerie who happens to be a father to one of the shifters. There’s a lightheadedness that’s lacking in this novella when compared to previous ones, but she has opened doors to new possibilities thanks to the movement of the collar story.

Jace is Eric Warden’s son. Eric Warden (Mate Claimed) is leader and alpha of a shiftertown in Las Vegas. Jace has come to Austin to help the Morrissey free shifters from their collars without them going feral. He is a very lade back dominant alpha, but when it counts he is a fighter and a warrior. Soon after arriving in Austin he meets Deni Rowe who is Ellison’s (Lone Wolf) sister. Deni had a bad accident that robed her of the calm shifters strive for. She is only hanging on by a thread. It’s sad to see a strong independent women get hurt so bad, but then Jace comes along, he does help boost her confidence, but she fix’s herself. The chemistry was hot, but not as powerful as other couples in this series.

We do get a little drama with a human female trying to sabotage the shifters. By the end she is caught and has to explain why she did what she did, so another story is blooming as well as another human/shifter relationship hinted at. I liked visiting the older characters again as well as Fionn the Faerie. We learn a little more about him and it’s interesting to see a Faerie on the shifter side. He’s an interesting character though not a main one. What made this not as fantastic to me like the prvious novellas is how quickly Deni and Jace end up haveing sex. The author explains why they hook up fast, but it just felt to rushed for me and I’m not a fan of the hoping into bed before you really know one another.

If you have not picked up this series then start from the beginning. This is not a stand a lone novella, it goes with the rest of the series. Fan’s of Shifters Unbound will want to read it just to see what happens with their favorite shifts in Austion, TX. I’m always ready to be taken back into Ms. Ashley’s Shifters Unbound world. It was nice to see Jace an Deni have their sweet HEA.

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  2. Aw that’s too bad it wasn’t as good as the others for you. I was like that with one of the middle way full lengths. Was a 3 star and a decent read but just not as OMG I LOVE IT as the rest. Still glad I read it though 🙂