Review: The Dragon King and I (Fairest of Them All #1) by Adrianne Brooks

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The Dragon King and I

The Dragon King and IFairest of Them All #1

Genre: Paranormal Romance – Magic – Fairy Tails

Published October 9th 2013 

by Adrianne Brooks

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Alexandria Greyson is cursed! How else can she explain why every man within sniffing distance comes running to her rescue? She’s not even trying the least to look pretty but she attracts men like a magnet. When a man is killed while trying to bring her an umbrella, she realizes that her condition isn’t going away on its own and she’ll need to find a cure if she ever wants to live a normal life.

So when her “Fairy Godmother” sends her on a quest to cure the curse that’s been plaguing her, Alex is doubtful but willing. Together with her beastly Prince Charming, she starts gathering all 6 ingredients that make up the cure. Everything was going smoothly…Until the last ingredient involves the heart of the one person she has learned to love: A dragon’s heart.




~ 2.5 The Dragon King and I Stars ~ 

The Dragon King and I is book one in the Fairest of Them All series by Adrianne Brooks. This is my first time reading Ms. Brooks and I’m not sure what to make of this one. I’m a little confused and conflicted. A little surprised I finished it, since it had so much weirdness too it.

The Dragon King and I gives us a different spin on fairy tails. I think the whole series is a bunch of fairy tails, but it is all completely befuddling. It felt like the author was not sure where to go with this, which fairy tails to entertain, and what supernatural creatures to have. It was a hodgepodge of weirdness. It got to be a little to weird at times. I also noticed that the transformation from one scene to another is fast and things where introduced, but not really. If you understand what I mean. Also at one point the character said she had a lunch and then on the next page she is saying she hasn’t had anything since cake the night before. Uh, I think someone forgot to edit this. So it just adds more to the confusing atmosphere. 

As for the characters I’m a little confounded. Alexandria Greyson, Alex, is cursed or is it blessed? She has became a hermit. When her friend offers her a way to get help, she does not take her up on it until it’s to late, which leads her to a fairy godmother of sorts and a quest. Uh, this girl has so many panic attacks and I just wanted to throttler her at times, she acted more like a little child then a grown women. Sam, our dragon was a likable character. I would have liked more character development and background on him. As for the growing relationship between Alex and Sam I did not feel the attraction between them and this story falls into the ‘instalove’. 

I was mildly entertained enough to finish The Dragon King and I. I’m conflicted in whither I want to read more or not. This one left me going, what the ……

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  1. I know what you mean. I have read books that are too fast it’s like the scenes are flitting. Sorry this tanked, go read more JAWalker instead
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    • LOL.. I’ve got book 5 on my reading nook, but I’m in a cowboy mood and currently reading an ARC of Brash by Laura Wright. Love the Cavanaugh Brothers! They are some sexy cowboy’s ^_^

  2. Thanks for your review. The cover is really nice. I wish the story would have been better 🙂

    • Ya me too. I was also surprised by how many 4 and 5 star reviews this got. As you can tell I was a little confound on this one. Have a great day!