ARC Review: A Curse Unbroken (Weird Girls #5) by Cecy Robson

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A Curse Unbroken

A Curse UnbrokenWeird Girls #5

Gener(s): Paranormal Romance – Urban Fantasy – Magic

Expected Publication: March 10th 2015

By Cecy Robson 

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Fans of Keri Arthur will love the Weird Girls, four sisters cursed with supernatural powers. In Cecy Robson’s latest urban fantasy romance, the search is on for an unholy grail, while evil is licking its wounds—and looking for revenge.

The preternatural world is changing. After a massive magical throwdown tore apart the established order, the dark elements are rebuilding their ranks unopposed. Celia Wird’s world is changing, too. She’s the mate of the pureblood were Aric, and his Warriors are honor-bound to protect her family as she and her sisters recover from unimaginable horrors.

Celia hesitates to reveal the true extent of the Wird sisters’ trauma, but they aren’t the only ones keeping secrets: Aric and the werewolf Elders are tracking a stone that grants limitless power. So is a tough coven of witches. Then Misha, a master vampire with his own plans for the stone, sends Celia after it. Can she and the vamps beat both the weres and the witches to the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands?

Fearing for Celia’s safety, Aric begs her to stay out of the hunt. What they don’t realize is that they’re the ones being hunted. But Celia’s ready to prove that she’s not easy prey.



~ 4 A Curse Unbroken Stars ~

ARC A Curse Unbroken 

A Curse Unbroken is the fifth and finally tail in the Weird Girls series by Cecy Robson. CRobson finishes Celia’s story, but opens it up to tell Taran’s tail, so even though this is the last book we will still get more of the Weird sisters. 

I have been a fan of CRobson since the beginning. She has created these strong independent amazing women that captured my heart. The Weird Sisters are a force to be reckoned with. I love that they stick together, love fiercely, and fight for themselves and those they love. 

A Curse Unbroken brings us no shortage of action, suspense, mystery, surprises & emotions. Finally Celia and Aric will get their HEA, but it does not come easily. They still have the Tribe and others trying to destroy them. Something from the Weird sister’s past has come to destroy them and they will have to face that past. All the sister’s are suffering in some way from their past and from what Anara did in A Cursed Bloodline, so it’s no easy road for them to recover and be happy. I liked that we got to see the Weird girls past, what happened to them, and their parents. I also enjoyed the struggles that each character in A Curse Unbroken goes through, it’s a highly emotional and heartbreaking to read. CRobson has also set us up for Taran and her story. Things are going on with her and Gemini. Also something is going on with Bren and Emme. I hope we get to see what.

As always this was an emotional read, but one I loved. I can’t wait to return to this world and the Weird sisters. 

Disclaimer: ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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2 comments on “ARC Review: A Curse Unbroken (Weird Girls #5) by Cecy Robson

  1. Those shifters are like cockroaches! All these time a ton of them have been killed and still there’s more where they came from! And how awful are the girls’ relatives?! Good grief!
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    • I know, really I was surprised by the revelation of the girls family. Oh My God! I really liked the set up for Taran. Can’t wait to see where that one goes. I enjoyed these books, but the did become a little too emotional and over the top. I still had a great time reading and well it was the Weird Sister that kept me going. ^_^