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10 Fun Facts about Linc Dillinger

By Jennifer Lyon

Linc is one of my favorite characters in the Wing Slayer Hunter series! Linc is also stubborn and doesn’t always reveal a lot about himself. But I know his secrets that aren’t in Caged Magic and decided to share a few with you. Here’s 10 facts about Linc he’d rather you didn’t know.

  • In Linc’s early years, his mom had a cat that hated him. That cat would lay in wait, leaping out of nowhere to claw him. But here’s the secret—Linc loved that cat, and worked hard to gain his trust. The cat, however, sensed the falcon (every witch hunter has a winged creature in them) in Linc and would not relent.
  • Linc’s favorite movie is Grand Torino. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he got a little emotional at the end.
  • Linc likes old Batman reruns. Everyone thinks Linc is a cross between James Bond and Robin Hood, but nope, Linc’s real hero is Batman. I know, I know, then The Dark Knight should be his favorite movie, and that’s what he’d tell you if you asked, but trust me, it’s Grand Torino.
  • If Linc could ever convince a cat to like him, he’d name it Batman. (Linc is threatening my life right now for that one – LOLOL!!)
  • He absolutely loves cookies from The Cookie Witch. But now that he’s teased Risa about her love of Twinkies, he can’t admit his own addiction to Cookie Witch cookies.
  • Linc took ballroom dance lessons. After he’d escaped his cage, he worked hard on acquiring polish and sophistication but he’s embarrassed by the dance lessons.
  • Linc secretly loves Halloween. Watching all the kids dressing up, running around and eating candy reminds him of some fun times he had with his friends before his mother betrayed him. He’s already planning on taking baby Kendall out trick or treating when she’s old enough. He’d never admit it, but Linc secretly wants to dress up as Batman. (Linc is sooo mad at me. I might actually have to get him a cat…named Batman!)
  • Linc’s first crush was his second grade teacher, Miss Palmer. He cleaned her chalk boards and followed her around like a love sick puppy.
  • Linc secretly watches cat videos on Youtube. (I may have to get him two cats now: Batman and Robin and have the witches spell the cats to adore him).
  • Despite a rather horrific young life, Linc Dillinger is one of the bravest and most honorable heroes I know. But here’s what may or may not be a secret: While he’s tough on the outside, beneath all that courage and steely determination he has a soft heart and he deserves the love of a very special witch-heroine.


I had fun revealing these 10 secret fun facts about Linc. But what’s not a secret about Linc is how much he loves Risa. What began as a deal between two people who needed each other grew into a love so powerful, Linc gambled everything—his heart, soul and life—to save Risa from a demon. If you like paranormal stories, brimming with magic, heart-pounding action, suspense and sexy romance, I hope you’ll give Caged Magic a try.


CAGED MAGICRisa Faden is a witch whose ultra-powerful shield magic is slowly breaking her mind. But when her beloved goddaughter is snatched by a demon, she’ll risk anything to rescue the baby—including lying to the handsome, intriguing stranger who has the power to help her keep her sanity, save the child…and steal her heart.

Linc Dillinger is a Wing Slayer Hunter whose sexy, rich, bad-boy charm hides a treacherous betrayal that left him emotionally scarred. As a result he risks his life to protect innocents, but is incapable of love—until he meets a beautiful witch who can save his cursed soul. Risa’s fierce courage and loyalty reaches past his barriers and he begins to believe she has the magic to free his caged heart.

But Risa’s lie explodes into dark danger that forces Linc into a hellish high-stakes gamble: He must either win the witch he loves and her godchild…or endure a loss that will destroy them all.

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Jennifer Lyon Author PicJennifer Lyon, who also writes as Jennifer Apodaca, lives in Southern California where she continually plots ways to convince her husband that they should get a dog. After all, they met at the dog pound, fell in love, married and had three wonderful sons. So far, however, she has failed in her doggy endeavor. She consoles herself by pouring her passion into writing books. To date, Jen has published more than fifteen books and novellas, including a fun and sexy mystery series and a variety of contemporary romances under the name Jennifer Apodaca. As Jennifer Lyon she created a dark, sizzling paranormal series, and The Plus Once Chronicles, an emotionally sensual adult contemporary series. Jen’s won numerous awards and had her books translated into multiple languages, but she still hasn’t come up with a way to persuade her husband that they need a dog.


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