Review: Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates #9) by Felicity Heaton

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Possessed by a Dark Warrior Book Cover Possessed by a Dark Warrior
Eternal Mates #9
Felicity Heaton
Paranormal Romance
April 9th 2016
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A powerful warrior and commander of the dark elf legions, Bleu is a loyal and devoted male, and one who has never failed in anything—except one thing. Love. When an elusive female dragon shifter surfaces in Hell again, giving him a mission to hurl himself into, he gladly returns to his hunt for her and the deadly blade she stole from his prince seven centuries ago, but as he closes in on his prey, fate reveals she is far more than his enemy.

Having escaped from the black market arena and her life as a slave, Taryn sets her sights back on the task she began seven hundred years ago when her brother stole a precious sword, but in the three centuries she’s been a captive, everything has changed. Corrupted by a craving for power, her brother has become dangerously obsessed with finding the blade and using it to claim the ultimate treasure—the position of King of Hell.

Faced with having to end her beloved twin brother to stop him from bringing all of Hell to its knees before him, will Taryn be strong enough to use the very blade he seeks against him? And when Bleu finally catches his elusive prey, will he listen to his head as it demands he complete his mission or his heart as it demands he claim his eternal mate?



~ 2 Possessed Stars ~

Possessed by a Dark Warrior is book nine in the Eternal Mates series by Felicity Heaton.

I would recommend reading at least the first three books, Kissed by a Dark PrinceClaimed by a Demon King, & Tempted by a Rogue Prince if not the whole series in order; before this novel. Bleu, our hero, plays important parts in the previous novels. He captured my heart from the moment he appeared on the pages. His story has been a long time coming and I’ve been psyched for his novel, so it saddens me to say, but I am a bit let down and bummed with Possessed by a Dark Warrior…

Bleu has unknowingly been chasing after his mate for seven centuries. Bleu and Taryn spend a lot of time in this novel figuring out their emotions and also coming to some major revelations about their life; the past and future. All of this made the story slow and drag along for me. By the end I was skimming pages, board, and frustrated that I had read the whole book. Their romance was lacking that pizzazz that the earlier couples have in this series. I also missed the fast-paced action-packed adventure that I have come to love and enjoy in these books.

I expected more from Bleu’s true mate Taryn. I felt she was lacking in depth and smarts. I can emphasize with her drive to stop her brother and also wanting to see the good in him, but some of the things she did just baffled my mind.

* For one, she’s a dragon shifter, so she should know that her brother would smell her and find what she hide.

* Second, the ending battle she hesitates, until something major happens to give her the balls to finally do what needs doing (I was frustrated and yelling at her during this scene).

* Last, I got mad that the all powerful artifact everyone has been searching for Taryn just drops it on the ground, where anyone can pick it up, and disappear with it.

Unfortunately, Possessed by a Dark Warrior did not work for me. It does not mean it won’t for you. If the blurb intrigues you I urge you to give it a try. This one installment isn’t going to put me off on continue the series. I love FHeaton, I love the Eternal Mates series, and I’m looking forward to the next novel.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy provided by Felicity Heaton via RabidPR with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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4 comments on “Review: Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates #9) by Felicity Heaton

  1. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy this one. This is probably my least favorite book in this series so far. I think one thing that didn’t help this book was the build up. I’ve been waiting for Bleu’s book since meeting him in book one. Then his book comes out and is my least favorite in the series, it makes it that much more of a disappointment. Great review.
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    • Agree and thank you!

  2. I think part of the problem for me was the build up for this book. I’ve been wanting Bleu’s story since book 1. Then to have it come along and just be okay, makes it fall even more flat. I still need to write my review. I keep going back and forth on how I want to write it. I think your review is great. I don’t think I my dislike was as much as yours, but it is my least favorite book in the series so far.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Trace of Magic Audiobook by Diana Pharaoh Francis (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I wasn’t sure how I was going to write my review. It was a little scary; because I love this series and author and well this is the first book that really was a disappointment. I had one other in this series that was good, 3.5 star, but nothing like this. You may be right about the build up and wait for Bleu. It was a really long time. I had wanted his story after the first or second book in, yet here we are at #9.

      Their has been one other author where I loved her first two books in the series giving them 4.5 stars and then the third comes and well it was a 2, which was sad for me. The things I loved about the first two where not prevalent in the third. It was kinda that way here with Bleu. All the fast-paced action and romance that sizzled just didn’t come like I was hopping in Possessed by a Dark Warrior. I also want more out of Bleu’s true mate. The slowness didn’t help much either.

      I know several other people and bloggers have loved this book, so for it to fall below what I would have liked was very sad =( !