Review: Magic Mourns (Kate Daniels, #3.5) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Mourns Book Cover Magic Mourns
Kate Daniels, #3.5
Ilona Andrews
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance
Berkley Books
May 1st 2011


Andrea Nash of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid - with an assist from her friend, Kate Daniels - tries to figure out why the giant three-headed dog who guards the gates of Hades is sniffing around Atlanta.

* Originally published in the anthology, Must Love Hellhounds.


I re-read Magic Mourns in Must Love Hellhounds

I just LOVE the Kate Daniels series.

Magic Mourns can be read as a standalone title or part of the series. The Andrews team does a fabulous job giving you all the pertinent information about the world that you need to enjoy this novella. 

Andrea Nash, works for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and she’s also a Beastkin, but that’s a secret only a few know about. She’s a kick-ass women who loves her guns. I love Andrea. She is such a wonderful character and a great friend to Kate Daniels. 

Raphael is a werehyena and bouda to the hyena clan. He’s been trying for 6 months to get Andrea to give him a try. 

We are treated to Andra’s POV. Where this novella starts Andrea is filling in for Kate who’s on medical leave. A call comes in about a big dog chasing a shapeshifter and so she goes out to investigate. What she finds is Raphael being chased by “the coolest thing ever, a twenty foot tall three headed dog.” 

It’s was nice to see Andrea loosen up a bit. It was also nice to see Raphael not give up and wear her down. These two have such a fun flirtatious banter between them in this novella and their romance explodes once they give into their desires and decide it’s ok to give a relationship a try. 

This story is full of action, world building, mystery, mythology, and exciting characters. The world they live in is an uncertain one and Magic comes and goes as it pleases.

Magic Mourns is a fabulous read.

Rated: 5 Stars

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Geybie's Book Blog

Great review, Angela. This sounds great. I’ve been wanting to read a standalone paranormal romance for a while but haven’t found the one that interests me yet. I’ll consider this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


I have never read an Ilona Andrews book…Perhaps I will check out this series! Great review!


The only novella which is really a full length I read in this series was Gunmetal Magic as it was on audio. Of course some of the novellas were extras on the audiobooks. I am really hoping when the series ends, that Andrews does an audiobook with all of the novellas!

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

I think I just did the little squealy thing. For as much as I love Kate & Curran, Andrea and Raphael were the best. I’m trying to remember if this one started out the way I think it did. SO much fun. I loved this!

anna @ herding cats & burning soup

Huh I realized I don’t think I’ve read any of the in between stories. I’ll have to start grabbing them up 🙂