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Thank’s to Rantings of a Reading Addict for doing this Book Tag ~ This or That. The creator of this tag is Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks. More and more of these posts are popping up on YouTube and around the blogosfere. I’m not comfortable enough to do a YouTube video, but I’m happy to share my thoughts in a post.

This Book Tag ~ This or That looked like fun!! I hope that you’ll grab the tag and do one yourself. Then come back and share your link, or even tag me so I’ll see it!

The Questions

Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Well I do both. I like the bed. It’s comfy and I have a wonderful view out of the window in the bedroom, plus the light is just right all natural, But, I also like the couch now that we have a desent couch. Before I would have said no couch, just because the one we had was for a dorm room, yep one of those couches, but at Christmas we got a very nice gift, a new couch and I love it. I think now, I do more reading on the couch, then the bed. 

Male main character or female main character?

A difficult questions. I like both, but I think I read more female main character books. I love my lead females to kick-ass. On my bookshelf I have more female leads.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

Ooo I’d say both. I love sweet and salty snacks. I think when I read I mainly go for the chips, but I have also been enjoy fruit like sliced apples and clementines (organs).

Trilogies or quartets?

No preference. As long as the overall arc is complete with no strings hanging loose, then I’m good with it being a trilogy or a quartet.

First person POV or third person POV?

I like first person POV’s, especially if an author does it correctly. I find I enjoy the first POV more the the third person POV. 

Reading at night or in the morning?

Both when I can. Mainly my morning consists of getting everyone read for work or school and sent off then I try to do a little adulting; before I read. The house isn’t going to clean it’s self nor are the dishes, laundry and trash going to get done, so I have to make a little time, before I dive into that book. Then my little one comes home from school we play and once he’s down for bed I get to read again. My day’s don’t always go like this, things happen, but I do get a chance to read both morning and night. 

Libraries or bookstores?

Before this year I would have said bookstores, just because I want a book when I want it and the library doesn’t care all the books I enjoy. But, now I say the library. I’m trying to not spend so much and I’m also trying to support my library more. As for bookstores Amazon has been my down fall with the ebooks and when they go on sale, but this year I am refraining. It’s the year of loving my library!!

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

Laugh. I have enough sad things happen in my life that I prefer to keep my reading up bet and on the humors side. I don’t like to cry when read, though I have had those reads that make you tear up, I don’t get upset over it, but I really do just want to have a HEA and several laugh’s along the way. 

Black book covers or white?

No preference. My main reads are eBooks, but this year I’m picking up more paperbacks, though I don’t have a preference on the book covers being black or white. 95% of my book collection the back grounds are black. 

Character driven or plot driven books?

Oh this is a tough one. I like both chapter and plot driven books. I’d have to say an amazing plot driven book is more what I enjoy, but I do want to see the main character grow throughout that plot. So, plot driven with character growth. 


There you are. I tag you to do this!

Tell me what you think about the choices I picked, whether you agree or disagree with them. Did you enjoy having a little book tag today? What would some of your answers be? You can write your own post and tag me ( using @angels_gp ), leave me a link, or you can just answer in the comments. 

So what are your answers to This or That Book Tag? Hope you have a great day, and happy reading!!


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4 comments on “Book Tag: This or That

  1. Good questions. I like to read on my love seat. Male main character are my favorite. Although, I do like a strong female as well. I don’t eat when reading. I like my books full with no strings hanging. I like first person more. I tend to read when not working from mid day to about eleven at night straight. I like either or for bookstores or libraries. I like books that make me laugh and cry. The cover does not matter to me what colour. I like both character and plot driven books. I think I covered all the questions. 🙂

    • Great answers. Thank’s for sharing!

  2. A good comfy couch can support many hours of reading. Sales people should use that! I do not think I’very ever really used fruit as my reading snack. Isn’t that weird?! Thanks for doing the tag!
    Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict recently posted…Review ~ The Turn by Kim Harrison @BurningBunnies @GalleryBooksMy Profile

    • Fruit is a great snack. I usually have sliced up apples. It all started with my little man. We want our kids to eat right and fruit is health, so that got me into eating more fruit as a snack instead of chips. I do still enjoy and eat chips when reading ^_^.