Quarterly 2018 Library Savings

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My Quarterly 2018 Library Savings

I LOVE my library!! Its saved me so much $$ money this year. Now, even though I LOVE my library it doesn’t mean I still haven’t gone out and bought a book in one formate or another. I’m still a book enthusiast and will buy those books I’ve loved, but I can’t resist saving $$ money on books I’ve been wanting to try.

Below you will find a list of all the books & movies I picked up for myself in 2018 from my library. Now I may not have read them all, but that’s one of the beautiful things about the library – no guilt if you don’t get too them. And, you can borrow them again if you want.

  • This list shows title, formate, & price I would have paid. The list doesn’t included all the kid books I picked up. 
  • Featured are the prices off Amazon. For books, I did Mass Market Paperback pricing, for eBooks I did eBook pricing, for movies I did the rental price off prime if no rental available then I did the price to buy, & last audiobooks I did Audible pricing. These prices are what I would have paid in that formate If I hadn’t used my library to borrow.

**Please take note that prices do and can change on Amazon.

Title Price
1 Hostage to Pleasure – Audio $19.59
2 Branded by Fire – Audio $19.59
3 Blaze of Memory – Audio $19.59
4 Blade Bound – Book $10.20
5 Fuel For Fire – Book $5.98
6 Runaway Vampire – Book $6.79
7 Judgement Road – eBook $7.99
8 Can’t Hardly Breathe – Audio $19.96
9 Can’t Let Go – Audio $19.96
10 Bonds of Justice – Audio $19.59
11 The Warlord Wants Forever – Audio $2.99
12 Silence Fallen – Book $7.99
13 The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum – Book $7.99
14 Darkness Unbound – Book $7.98
15 Memory Zero – Book $7.99
16 Reckless in Texas – Book $7.19
17 Immortal Nights – Book $5.78
18 Flash of Fury – Book $7.99
19 Blades of Illusion – eBook $3.99
20 At Wolf Ranch – Audio $19.96
21 Play of Passion – Audio $19.59
22 Runaway Vampire – Audio $21.55
23 Night Myst – Audio $14.50
24 Fantasy Lover – Audio $22.04
25 Kiss of Snow – Audio $22.04
26 Scorch Trials: Maze Runner – Movie $3.99
27 Justice League – Movie $5.99
28 The Maze Runner – Movie $3.99
29 Man of Steel – Movie $3.99
30 Ant-Man – Movie $3.99
31 Spider-Man Homecoming – Movie $18.99
32 Batman v Superman – Movie $3.99
33 London Has Fallen – Movie $3.99
34 Pirated of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Movie $3.99
35 Alien Convenant – Movie $14.99
  Total Library Savings $396.71


Go out and support your local libraries!!


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17 comments on “Quarterly 2018 Library Savings

  1. I love that you figured this out! That’s a lot of savings!!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post: Pre-Order Deals & Giveaways Galore – 5/13/18My Profile

    • I think it’s great to see what you can save. I wish my library listed my savings total at the end of my recipes. So far it’s been a good quarter of the year on savings. ^_^

  2. […]  Angela @ Angel’s Guilty Pleasures adds up how much money using the library has saved her so far this year. […]

  3. That is awesome that you saved that much. I love the library. I know that I’ve gotten several books from them this quarter, but not sure about the exact number. I need to be better about getting movies from the library. I see some in the theater or I see streaming. I forget about the library.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Firefighter Sea Dragon Audiobook by Zoe Chant (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I’ve been waiting on all those new releases to come out and get from my library. It’s so $$ to go to the theater here in CA. It’s awesome how much money can be saved by using the library. Keep up the library love.

  4. This is why I love the library! Sometimes I hear people complain about something like having to pay $10 in late fees for the 60 books they checked out and, while I recognize that paying $10 isn’t an easy thing for a lot of people, I also want to point out that most of those books are probably selling around $20 each. So to pay $10 for them instead of $1200 is still a real steal!

    • Yes late fees – many don’t like, but if you limit what you borrow or remember to return on time you don’t have that. The other thing is $10 is better then the full price for each item you borrowed. I like having the options to borrow anything I want and try so many different authors. ^_^

  5. I don’t think I’d have the patience to wait for my library to get the books in that I want lol. I sure do miss the city library where you just grab a book and go

    • Smaller town libraries do have a limited selection and don’t always have what you may want, but it’s still a good place to check and enjoy. I like the bigger city libraries. I’m always popping in each week to my library to pick up my holds or see what I might want to borrow.

  6. Both of my libraries calculate out my savings on my checkout receipts. They give me my savings for the visit, the year, and lifetime. I love it!

    • Now that is an awesome feature your library does. I wish mine did that. ^_^

  7. Awesome savings!!! I love the library,if it wasn’t for them if have missed out on so many great reads. I’ve found so many authors with awesome reads!! Shared on all my socials!!

    • I agree. If it wasn’t for my library I wouldn’t have tried out several authors. ^_^

  8. I’m going to do a post in early July and one at the end of the year. (We did the last couple years at the The Book Nympho also.) I’m slow this year since I’m getting so many things for review. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • I was going to do a post in July, but moved it up since this is National Library Week. I’ll try to do one more post like this before I do an end of the year library savings. ^_^ Seeing how much I save is a rewarding boost to keep me focus on supporting my library.

  9. I love this might have to calculate my savings. I inter library loan audiobooks, which saves me so much money

    • I’ve saved more if I also include all the kid movies and books we pick up each week to enjoy with our son. Those audiobooks are expensive even you do have a subscription it’s still pricy to buy them, so I like to use my library for the audiobooks and I also love to have physical too when I’m in the mood and well I just love my library period. ^_^ It’s nice to see what you save.