Review: Witch’s Reign (Desert Cursed #1) by Shannon Mayer

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Witch's Reign Book Cover Witch's Reign
Desert Cursed #1
Shannon Mayer
Hijinks Ink Publishing
January 30th 2018


I am cursed by the desert I was born in, and now I wander the space between the Walls meant to hold my kind-the supernatural kind- in.

If I can find a way out, if I can find a way to escape, perhaps I can outrun this curse. But that means passing through the Ice Witch's realm-something no one has returned from.

But life has a funny way of changing directions on you. A freak accident. A child in danger. And a damn Warlock named Merlin who thinks he can manipulate me.

It looks like I'm about to start a journey I never planned on, to face a Witch who has never been challenged, in an attempt to survive a storm of magic, danger, and trickery.


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.Witch's Reign, 33%

Witch’s Reign is the fist book in the Desert Cursed series by Shannon Mayer. We are introduced to a verity of characters and an interesting world. There’s humor, adventure, and loads of action.

Zamira Reckless Wilson is a shifter who everyone thinks can’t shift, she’s cursed not with one, but two cures, her family is dead except one brother, and she doesn’t trust nor does she feel she fits in. First off, can I just say what a name for this character. It made me laugh and it fit her perfectly. Now as for her as a character. I liked her. She’s the under dog. No one wants her, no one sees how strong and capable she can be, they don’t believe in her, and her trust issues are valid. Ya, she does things that are reckless, but in the end they work out.

The side characters let me just say some I like and other’s not so much. We meet a verity of people and all have their own agendas.

The world is unique. We have a variety of shifters, creatures, Greek gods, magical people from Arthurian legend, and so much more… It’s a bit confusing at the beginning, but as we move along we get to learn more about this world and what is going on.

Witch’s Reign hooked me and I can’t wait to continue and find out what happens next with Zamira and the gang of misfits she acquires along the way. If you enjoy Fantasy or Urban Fantasy, a verity of myth’s, legends and creatures; then you should give this series a go.

Rated: 4 Stars

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6 comments on “Review: Witch’s Reign (Desert Cursed #1) by Shannon Mayer

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this series. Thanks for the great review. And don’t you love that cover art!
    Laura Thomas recently posted…Blitz and Giveaway ~ Library Of Absolution by Jennifer DerrickMy Profile

    • I love the cover art for all the books in this series. The fit so perfectly. I had a blast with this book and went out and bought the whole series ^_^.. It’s a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed my review and I hope you enjoy reading Witch’s Reign whenever you get around too it. Have a great day and thank’s for visiting!

  2. Awesome review angela!! Love the cover and book introduction too! Shared on all my socials!!??

    • The covers for this series are great. I think they fit the books and characters. Glad you enjoyed the review. Thank’s for visiting and sharing!!

  3. I have read this author before, the Rylee series which I own all of it but am only 6 books read I think. This doesn’t sound like it’s related which is fine. Thanks for the review! Anne- Books of My Heart

    • I have been meaning to try her Rylee Adamson series. That was the first series of her’s I saw, but never got around to it.. I will, but this one popped up on sale and I couldn’t pass it up, so here we are and I’m a fan. I had a blast and no this one isn’t released to her Rylee series… I have a feeling it might be related to The Elemental Series, but I’m not positive. Their was mention of another event, but it was only a mention. Thank’s Anne for visiting. Glad you have enjoyed her work before. I hope to try out other titles one day!