Top 10: Best Audiobook Listens 2018

This week I’m recapping 2018 in books.
Today I’m featuring the best Audiobook Listens. I discovered audiobooks this year and went on a listen spree with some of my favorite book series as well as trying out some new series in audio.


The Original Heartbreakers series: Savannah Richards is a wonderful narrator for this series. She brings out the heartfelt moments and channels the characters to perfection. I have no complaint’s. I’ve come to adore the audio’s and can’t see myself enjoying them in any another way. I’m pulled in from the start to end.


Psy-Changeling series: Angela Dawe is a perfect narrator for this series. I love reading the series, but listening brought out so much more. The character voices where nice and the action/romance comes out. I have no complaint’s and I adore the audio’s for this series.


How to Date Your Dragon: This was my first time having two narrators. They did a wonderful job. It took some getting use too having a female and male narrator, but I did enjoy the different voices. I liked how it changes in each chapter; between the two narrators. It was different, but enjoyable. I will say I liked Amanda Ronoconi’s Cajun accent. Jonathan Davis did a good job too, but I did prefer the female narrator.


Innkeeper Chronicles series: The narrator Renée Raudman did a wonderful job on the voices. I had fun! I had a delightful time with the audiobook and I acutely think I discovered something new by listening that I missed when reading.


Mercy Thompson series: Lorelei King does a fabulous job narrating this series. I just love the audiobooks for the series. I’m getting so much out of them and it’s always fun to revisit the world and characters. 


Kate Daniels series: I LOVE this series. I decide I wanted to give the audiobook a try and I have to say. WOW. It was an outstanding listen. Felt like the first time all over again. I enjoyed the narrator, Renée Raudman, and her portrayal of the characters. 


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Oh… you’ve picked some great series to listen to! I adore anything by Ilona Andrews and read by Renee Raudman! I also love Mercy read by Lorelei King. In fact, I switched to the audio for the Charley Davidson series because of Ms. King’s narration!


I always am listening to one book while I read another book. I love Amanda Ronconi’s narration of Molly Harper’s books too. I agree she was better than the male narrator on that book. I have read and listened to books in the Psi-Changeling books. There are some on the romance package on Audible too. I enjoy them.

Mary Kirkland

I love Gena Showalter. Great list.


Great list!


I use my Audiobooks list (tomorrow) to add even more books I couldn’t fit into my book list. Plus there are some narrators who are the BEST – Steve West. I also love Lorelei King but I can’t listen to her on Mercy Thompson because she’s Charley Davidson. Sometimes I have that problem. It’s all on me. Anne – Books of My Heart

Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine

Great job on your picks!!! I’ve tried to do audio books ,but I don’t have the patience or it could be my voices are just to loud! Lmao ! Shared on all my socials!😉💖

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

All favorite narrators of mine too! I totally agree with the dual narration of Molly Harper’s book. I did enjoy the female more than the male, but they were both really good. That was a great story. These are all series that are must-listens and I don’t read on ebook anymore. I think I’ve become spoiled!