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Most of you may know I’m a hug Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy fan, so my answers are going to lean in that direction. Hope you enjoy!

Pay Day! – A book you would buy right now. Cost doesn’t matter!

No brainer on this one: STORM CURSED – LOVE MERCY. I don’t care what the price is I’d buy and well, I’ve already pre-ordered it in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio. ^_^ LOL

Pay a Bill – A book you would get rid of right now.

Umm, this one is hard. I don’t buy books unless they are my favorites. Way before my blogging days, I bought a lot of books. I didn’t have the option for ARC’s and didn’t use my library as I should, so I bought. If I could get rid of eBooks I’ve bought, either to give them away or get something back, my picks would be – Burn With Me by R.G. Alexandar, Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur, Touch the Dark by Karen Chance, & Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. There was something about each of these books I didn’t like and so, I never finished the stories.


Doctor Appointment – A book that makes you feel better when you are down.

 A Pride series book by Shelly Laurenston. They are funny and full of humor. Also, Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound, #2.5) by Jennifer Ashley


Meeting – A book or series you felt obligated to read; because of the hype.

The Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones. I’ve listened up to book 4. Many readers talk about the series and love it, but it never really took with me. 


Lunch date – A book or series that you feel in love with; because a friend recommended it to you.

The Elemental Assassins series by Jennifer Estep. It’s one of my new favorite series. For years this one was recommended to me and finally I started it. Now I’m hooked!


Work/School Week – A book that was hard to get through.

Umm I’d have to say Pure Heat. This one was tough and had I been in my reading grove I might have DNF’d it, but I finished it taking longer to read then I usually do.


Gym Day – A book that gets your heart pumping because it was such an exciting page turner.

Well, so far any of the Elemental Assassins series have been non-stop action. 


Date Night – A book with your favorite romantic couple.

Annwyl & Fearghus from (Dragon Kin). Moira & Kol from (Vale of Stars). Dorothea & Daniel from (The Original Heartbreakers). Zeke & Mechanic (Men of Haven). Of course most of you know I love Kate and Curran (Kate Daniels) & Mercy & Adam (Mercy Thompson) – These two couples take time to come together.


Vacation – A book or series you would want to binge on if you had all the time in the world.

Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I haven’t had a chance to start the series, but I want to. Many like the series and have recommended it to me. It’s just their are so many books in the series and spin-off series.


To Do List – A book that you keep meaning to get to, but don’t have the time for.

It’s not that I don’t have the time. I’m a mood reader and lately I’ve not been into reading the ARC’s I’ve gotten. I keep skipping them and picking up library books: Worth Fighting For by Laura Kay, Cowboy Wolf Trouble by Katie Ballenger, & Hardest Fall by Juliette Cross.


I’d love to hear from you!
What’s your answers to the Plan With Me Tag?


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herding cats
April 9, 2019 7:19 pm

Laurenston and Ashley are great at lifting the spirits. I loved the Keri Arthur series. Bummed to see it didn’t work for ya.

Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine
April 8, 2019 6:57 am

1pay day The Savior by JR Ward
2pay a bill wicked deception by Raisa greywood
3doctor appointment anything by Lara Adrian
4meeting I agree with your pick of
The Charley Davidson series
5lunch date the black dagger brotherhood series
6work/school week The One By Zane Michaeson
7gym day the Dracula bloodline series by Ana Calin
8date night Jericho and Mac from the fever series by Karen Marie moning and Bones and Kat from the hundreds series by Jeaniene frost
9vacation Bec McMaster London steampunk series
10. To do list Circle of Blood series by R.A. Stefan

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict
April 8, 2019 5:01 am

A lot of people had trouble with the Dead Witch Walking, but when they continued the series found they loved it. I was one of those. I need to get Storm Cursed in hard cover. That cover is to die for and must be on my shelf. That reminds me, I need to go preorder it. It is next on my list to read. It sounds exciting. I also completely agree on the Elemental Assassin series. They are so action packed! Your adrenaline gets hyped up reading one of those!

Melanie Simmons
April 8, 2019 4:34 am

I loved the Cassie Palmer books at the beginning, but the last several, it seems like the story is going no where. I’m caught up, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get the next book. Maybe if it is the last the series. I just feel like the series has gone on forever and it is time for a conclusion.

You know how much you and I love the same books and this tag shows it. Most that you listed you loved I either loved too or it is still on my TBR list.

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