Randomness: What I’m Watching On Amazon Prime

Besides reading and gardening. I love to watch Movies and TV. Here is what I’ve been watching lately on my TV Bing. 

The Expansion

I wasn’t expecting to get sucked in. The sci-fi stuff is sci-fi, but what got me was the mystery of this weird alien stuff and what it all leads too. It’s 3 seasons long and I wish we had more seasons. The last episode opened up for lots of interesting possibilities. I even started to like the characters. At first not so much, but they grow on you.



It was just ok. Their is currently only 1 season available to watch.


The ABC Murders

It’s only 3 episodes, but boy does it pack a murder mystery punch. Loved it! I want more.


Good Omens

Oh my I loved Good Omens. The Angel and Devil we’re just so much fun and they where working together to stop the apocalypse and more…  The music that goes with the episodes had me singing along. Just around a lot of fun! I want more.



I never watched this when it was on TV, but why not. It’s eh! The original is so much better, but it’s filling my TV Bing time.



Daily or Weekly Mail


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Janie McGaugh
Janie McGaugh

Good Omens looks really great!

Melanie Simmons

I’ve been watching Bones. I never watched it when it was live. I’m really enjoying it. I do want to watch Good Omens. I want to try The ABC Murders too. I love John Malkovich

Jana Leah
Jana Leah

Good Omens sounds really good.

Mary Kirkland

I like The Expanse and all the different CSI shows.