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WOW!  It’s that time of year.  Time to do my Top 10 lists.  This year I read a lot of Backlist Titles and 25 New Releases.  This list is a mix of new and old titles I listened to in 2019 that are my Top 10 picks.  I couldn’t keep it to 10 Audios, so we’ve got a big list here, but that’s ok.  Each book was a 4/5 Star listen.  In no particular order here are the audiobooks I loved this year. (Pictures link to full review!)


New Releases

Wolf Rain – Narration: Angela Dawe has a great range of voices and accents. I could distinguish each character. The other thing I love about the audio is that the emotional struggles our characters face come across in such a real way that I became engrossed and couldn’t stop listening. I absolutely loved the audio. 


Sapphire Flames – Narration: Emily Rankin did a wonderful job. Her voices are comfortable and distinctive. I enjoyed her performance of Bug and Alessandro. I felt for Catalina; because Rankin vividly brings out her emotions and makes you feel for her. I’d recommend the audio.


The Blacksmith Queen – I read this one, but then I listened to the audio and was blown away. Narration: Mia Barron did a fabulous job on all the voices. We shift through many different POV’s in this novel. Which can be confusing, but Ms. Barron alters each character’s voice for the dialogue, making adjustments based on gender, age, species, etc. I liked Ms. Barron. She kept the tempo and silliness. Jason Culp did a the prologue which features the male scribe of the old king. I felt that wasn’t necessary, but oh well. The audio was AMAZING and so much fun. It felt like the first time reading The Blacksmith Queen. I can’t wait for the next book.


Sweep of the Blade – I’m an Andrews fan… I love everything they have written wither I read or listen to it, I’m in love. I actually had this title on release day, but wanted the audio, so I waited. Natalie Naudus did an amazing and wonderful job. Her voices are smooth and easy to listen too. The battles are vivid and Maud’s inner issues are brought out. I really enjoyed the audiobook and recommend listening.


Archangel’s War – The Guild Hunter series is interesting. I do lean towards Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, but I still very much enjoy her other UF Series. Justine Eyre continues to narrate this series and I love how she brings out the voices and emotions on each of the characters. I will say I’m glad I listened to this novel and didn’t read it. The beginning is slow. We have so many different POV’s on what’s happen with Raphael and Elena.


Storm Cursed – I adore Mercy. I can’t get enough of her and the Pack. Now I read this one, but after I finished reading I just had to listen too it and man was the audio AMAZING. It felt like the first time all over agin. I love the voices and I’ve already got my pre-order in for the next release in this series. The Mercy Thompson series is one everyone should try. 


Backlist Titles

Trace of Magic – Narration: This is my first taste of Elizabeth Phillips. I think she did a great job. Her voices are distinctive and I liked them. I would recommend her and this book.


Three Mages and a Margarita – Narration: New to me narrator Cris Dukehart did a fantastic job. She captured the characters emotions, enhanced the snark and gave each a unique voice. I liked the audio. It was fun and fast-paced. Looking forward to continuing the series.


Bite Me – This was a re-read/listen. The audio was great! It was a lot of fun visiting these characters again and the world. I felt like it was the first time reading. I love the Pride series, so it was great to listen and feel so much more for the story. I laughed out loud and cried for those that lost someone, even if they weren’t close, their were emotions that came across. If you enjoy quirky, snarky, and over the top characters then you will probably enjoy this series. It’s light-heart, easy to read or listen, and just has a lot of fun over the top moments that keep you entertained.


Lionheart/Moonshadow – This was a re-read/listen. I loved reading, but man did the audio blow me away. Sophie Eastlakes did a fabulous job with the narration of this book. I’m really glad that she was able to do this spinoff series. Her English accents was spot on. I also adored the audiobook for Lionheart. It felt like the first time reading. She brought the novel alive. I’d recommend the audio and series. 


Masques/Wolfsbane – Narration: Katherine Kellgren did a fabulous job with her narration. The story is mainly in Aralorn’s view, but we do get Wolf and a few others. The storytelling was majestic and the fight scenes were great. The voices where nice and distinctive. I have to say I’m glad I listened. If I’d read I would have been to overwhelmed. Not saying I wasn’t, but I digested it better in this formate. 


Feel The Burn – This is a re-read/listen for me. This is my favorite audio in the series. Everything is changing in the Dragon Kin world. Morgan Hallett has a lot of different voices, male and female, that she has to do and she nailed it. I laughed, a lot! Great audio. Highly recommend series to read or listen.


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  1. I’ve listened to a lot of the same books as you. I enjoyed them all as well. I was so glad to finally have given Aralorn a try, thanks to your reviews. I loved her and Wolf so much. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • I wish we had more of Aralorn and Wolf. They are interesting characters. I loved both their books. I did listen to the other two in the series. They were good, but felt unfinished in ways. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. There are a great bunch of books on this list!

    • Thank’s for visiting!

  3. Great list of audiobooks….I love Angela Dawe ….she is so brilliant in her narrations. All of these books are great ones, at least those I have read. I definitely will be picking up Aiken’s book this upcoming year though.

    • Hope you enjoy Aiken’s books. I love reading and/or listening to them. This was a nice year for audiobooks. Thank’s for visiting!

  4. I see some of my favorites on your list, too! There were some great audiobooks out this past year.

    • Yep their where some great audiobooks released this year. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Another great list. Nalini Singh and Aiken are both on my tbr. I’ve read the Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs and Thea Harrison books. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    • It was to hard to keep my list to 10. I read Thea Harrison Elder Race and then into the Moondhadow sereis. I’d recommend reading that way. I’ve been slowly going back and using my library to listen to the Elder Race. Audio is good. Andrews, Singh and Briggs are all my favorite authors and I like to read or listen to them. Thank’s for stopping by.

  6. ooooh many great things there!

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