Randomness: What I’m Watching On Amazon Prime

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I’ve been browsing my Prime TV and this is what I’ve been watching lately.


Chicago P.D.

The drama started in 2014 and has seven seasons with the first five on Prime.  I just started the first season and it’s ok.



Detective Anna

This is a foreign drama with subtitles in English. It’s got a paranormal element in that the young woman, Anna, living at the end of the nineteenth century is a touch psychic and she finding ways to bump into the new detective in town and help on the investigations.  I just started this and it’s got my interest. I don’t mind reading the subtitles.



NOVA: The Plants

This is a PBS show that has only five episodes each featuring a plant in our solar system.  I enjoyed learning more about our solar system.



The Mentalist

We have a total of seven seasons. It reminded me of Psych, but it’s not funny. I really really liked the Red John storyline that ran through Seasons 1 to 5. Once that plot-line completed I just haven’t been able to finish the last two seasons.



Carnival Row

Currently there is only 1 season available to watch. I’ve not read the book, but I did enjoy the show. The only issue I had is that there are way and I mean way to many plot lines happening, but other then that it was enjoyable and I’d like to see more. Orlando Bloom…. I like watching him.




Currently there are six seasons available to watch on Prime. This show captured in the very first season and I binged watched all the seasons. I want more!



Agatha Christie’s: The Pale Horse

This show has only two Parts to it and dame its good. It sucks you in and you become engrossed in the story. It follows the story of Mark Easterbrook whose name appears on a list found inside the shoe of a dead woman.


What are you watching?



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10 comments on “Randomness: What I’m Watching On Amazon Prime

  1. You’re watching quite the variety of shows. That show about the planets sounds interesting. Here in the Netherlands a lot of shows have subtitles so I am used to those, even though nowadays I don’t always need them, we often still switch them on when possible. We’re currently watching the 7th season of Star wars the Clone Wars.

    • When I was younger I watched a lot of shows with subtitles, but then grew away from the foreign films and tv shows. Now I’m giving new stuff a try. The Nova is really cool! I loved learning about each planet and what we have discovered do far about them and how they where made. Thank’s for sharing what you are watching. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. I loved Nova! I want to watch the Pale Horse, too.

    • Nova is good. I like watching PBS and Nova episodes. I remember watching these shows as a kid and so I try to catch some to watch with my kid. They are a great way to learn about our world. The Pale Horse is really good. It’s only got 2 Parts to it, but man does it work. I kinda wanted more once it was done. Hope you enjoy the show.

  3. Hi Angela, hope this finds you & yours safe and well. Is Bosch based on the Michael Connelly novels? If so, I hope it comes to Ireland!

    • The TV show does reference a movie Black Echo and that’s how Bosh the character got his money, but he’s still a cop. When I looked it up Yes to your question on Bosch being based off Michael Connelly Novels. I hope you get to see the TV show on Prime. It’s really good and hooked me on the first episode. We are well and safe. I hope you are too!

  4. Hubby and I binge watched every Bosch season at least two times each. I was a fan of The Mentalist when it first aired but also stopped before the final season.

    There’s another great show we stumbled upon that you might enjoy called Bailey & Scott. It’s a British crime show about a major crimes unit based in Manchester. Lots of female strength.

    • There are two seasons (6 & 7) left in The Mentalist for me to watch, but I can’t bring myself to watch them. I loved the Red John storyline and with that done, it just doesn’t seam the same.

      Bosch is awesome!! I can’t wait until we get more Seasons. I bing watched the show.

      Thank’s for the TV show suggestion. I like getting ideas on new shows to try out. Especially now when read isn’t going so well. I’ll check out the show Bailey & Scott.

      Have a great weekend!

  5. I watch the Chicago trio of shows when they are on cable. I’ve been wanting to check out some of the shows being advertised on Amazon Prime.

    • I missed a lot of shows when they where on Cable, so now if they are on Prime I’m giving them a go. Bosh is really good and so was Agatha Christie’s: The Pale Horse. I should have waited on Carnival Row for more seasons. It’s enjoyable, but man does it have a lot of plot-lines. Thank’s for visiting!