Review: Iron Master (Shifters Unbound #12) by Jennifer Ashley

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Iron Master Book Cover Iron Master
Shifters Unbound #12
Jennifer Ashley
Paranormal Romance
JA / AG Publishing
February 11, 2020
Paperback, eBook


Stuart Reid is an Iron Master—a Dark Fae with a rare ability to make iron do his bidding. Exiled by the High Fae who fear him, he now lives in a simple house in Shiftertown outside Las Vegas, watching over Peigi, a bear Shifter woman, and the cubs she cares for.

Peigi, rescued from an evil Shifter and welcomed into the Vegas Shiftertown, knows Reid and the cubs have helped her survive and heal.

She also knows Reid is alone and lonely, a strong man coping with his exile. The bond she feels pulling her to him scares the crud out of her—she’s been down this road before.

When Reid’s people send him a desperate call for help, Peigi senses danger to him—too much of it. She finds she’ll do anything, even sacrifice herself and her happiness, to keep him safe.

A Shifters Unbound full-length novel.


Iron Master is book twelve in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. 

I adore and love returning to the Shifters Unbound world. I was captured by book one and look forward to each new installment. If your thinking about picking up this series then I recommend reading in order. Theirs an overall ARC that is carried out and progress in each novel; besides getting a new couple with each new book. 

Peigi and Stuart were a long time coming. If you’ve been following the series then you see these two in the background dancing around each other, but now it’s their time to find love. 

These two where so awkward and clearly smitten with each other, but not sure how to take things to the next level. It was fun to see everyone in Shiftertowns say “about time”. The cubs, and where their a lot featured, where just so adorable and cute. I loved having them. They added to the story and you got to see how Stuart and Peigi each interacted with their adoptive cubs.

Many previous couples and characters were incorporated and someone from Dylan’s clan pops ups and you are wondering what is he doing in Faeire.

The unexpected adventure into Faeire was interesting and Ben, oh my, what we learn is shocking. 

Iron Master was another wonderful adventure into the Shifters Unbound series. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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12 comments on “Review: Iron Master (Shifters Unbound #12) by Jennifer Ashley

  1. This is an author I have been meaning to try. It is good to the series is still going strong.

    • I really enjoy this series and I’m currently re-read well listening for the first time. Having a good time revisiting. She does write a lot of different stuff. One day I’ll one of her other series.

  2. I have the first couple of this series on my Kindle. I really need to try and get to the books. One day… Happy Friday!

    • I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I enjoy this author’s other series but haven’t managed to read this one yet. Glad you liked it!

    • I think this is her only paranormal series that I know of. The other stuff she writes are Western Romance (I tried one), Historical Romance, and Historical Mystery. I haven’t tried any of the Historical stuff, but many like her other series. I’m currently getting the audios for this series at my library to re-read / listen to for the first time. Thank’s for stopping in.

  4. i love the supernatural world. glad the series keeps on giving
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • Me too and I’m glad the world keep evolving and is still fun. Thank’s for visiting!

  5. I am holding my breath waiting for the audio to come out in this. I NEED it! So glad you liked this installment!

    • I’ve gone back and am listening to the series for the first time. So far I like the audios too. Hope you enjoy. This was a couple I’ve been anticipating. Thank’s for visiting!

  6. They do sound like an adorable couple. I think its neat that she’s the bear shifter and he’s the fae. I still need to start this series and look forward to it.

    • I’m going back and listening to the audios this time around. My library has them. I’ve been enjoying my re-read/listen ^_^. This couple was a long time coming. I’m glad we finally got them. Still my favorites are the human/shifter couples. Hope you enjoy!