Audiobook Review: When Demons Walk (Sianim #3) by Patricia Briggs (Narrator: Jennifer James Bradshaw)

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When Demons Walk Book Cover When Demons Walk
Sianim #3
Patricia Briggs (Narrator: Jennifer James Bradshaw)
Epic Fantasy
Penguin Audio
December 6, 2011
9 hours and 54 minutes


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson series (Frost Burned, Night Broken) and the Alpha and Omega novels (Fair Game, Dead Heat)

Sham had spent most of her young life as a sorceress and thief, stealing from Southwood's nobility to survive. Now she must face the greatest test of her skills...

A killer has struck Southwood, claiming the lives of nobles. Lord Kerim, Reeve of Southwood, turns to Sham for help. Posing as his mistress, she delves behind castle walls to find the killer. But this murderer is no mortal-and Sham must use all of her magical wisdom to send the demon away. Because the city of Southwood has nowhere to hide-and no time to run...


When Demons Walk is book three in the Sianim series by Patricia Briggs and Narrated by Jennifer James Bradshaw.

This novel reads as a stand-alone. You don’t have to read in order.

When Demons Walk is a captivating novel. The intrigue and mystery were magical. 

Sham, was the daughter of the head of the king’s guard and an apprentice magician before the magic hating Cybellians besieged the castle and killed her entire family along with many others. I very much enjoyed Sham as a character. I like how resilient and capable she is. I also loved how she pulled off her different identities and played the roles she needed to play in order to fool those around her and discover who the demon is. 

Her life takes a turn after her mentor is killed and revenge on those that hurt him in the past is put on hold. Kerim, the warlord keeper of the castle needs her help. He doesn’t believe in magic and thinks that Sham is just a clever thief, but he’s open-minded and needs her help to find out who’s killing nobles in the castle. 

The romance between Kerim and Sham is slow to bloom and is left unfinished at the end. Both are clearly falling for each other, but all we get is a kiss in the end. Briggs doesn’t focus on the romance. She’s more on the world building and having the romance be a slow burn. I feel like this might be the intended path, but since this is her earlier work and it never took off, then we won’t get the completion in this area. 

Their are a few threads left unfinished in the Sianim series. I’ve read the four books in the this series and I can say that the series isn’t complete, but still a very fun and enjoyable fantasy series to listen too. 

Narration: Jennifer James Bradshaw did a fabulous job narrating. The audio was mesmerizing and well done. I was pulled in until the very end. I loved the mystery and learning about each character. I recommend the audio. 

Rated: 4 stars

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