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Guest Post: Dianne Duvall (Phantom Embrace) ~ Excerpt

Thank you so much for joining me!  I’m very happy to be here at Angel’s Guilty Pleasures, celebrating the release of my Immortal Guardians novella PHANTOM EMBRACE.  (If you’re new to the series, don’t worry.  The novels and novellas can be read as stand alones.  You’ll just be more familiar with the secondary characters if

Guest Post: Heather Long {Snow Wolf Tour} ~ Excerpt

  Top Ten Reasons (and more) to Try the Wolves of Willow Bend Series  Maybe it’s a quirk of most authors, but we don’t always know what to say when someone asks why should we try your books? So with that in mind, I went straight to my readers and I asked them for their

Guest Post: Carrie Ann Ryan (Prowled Darkness Tour) ~ Excerpt

  Creating a World One thing about writing paranormal romance is that I can have fun with the world building. When I created the Dante’s Circle series, I wanted to write about every paranormal creature I could think of and put them in one world. Oh boy was that harder than I thought it would

Guest Post: Michelle Madow shares Top 5 {Elementals:The Blood of the Hydra Tour}

Top 5 places that inspired locations in the Elementals I love traveling, and some of the places I’ve been have inspired scenes in my books;      ✦ GREECE: In The Blood of the Hydra, the Elementals set off on a quest through Greece. Their journey parallels Odysseus’s in the Odyssey, and it was so much fun

Guest Post: Rachel Rawlings {Maurin Kincaide Series Tour} ~ Excerpts

  A Day in the Life of Maurin Kincaide   Today’s To Do List Coffee Coffee Check in with the Council and review case files Coffee Restock, reload, check kit Rendezvous with team members who can be out before sundown, distribute caseload Coffee Coordinate raids with SPTF- Salem Preternatural Task Force Kick bad guy ass

Guest Post: Ann Gimpel {Underground Heat Tour} ~ Excerpt

Thanks so much for your continued support of my books, Angela. Your blog is beginning to feel like a second home! How Electronic Books Have Changed Things I’m in a pretty decent position to address this suggested topic since I remember (and quite clearly) when there were no electronic books. Paperbacks, hardcovers, but no one-click

Guest Post: Rulers of Darkness Box Set by Amanda J. Greene {Tour} ~ Excerpt

Why Write Paranormal Romance? Thank you so much for having me here today. It is wonderful to meet you all.  I’m often asked why I write paranormal romance novels. Honestly? I love reading this genre and write what I love. The first paranormal romance book I ever read was Companions of the Night by Vivian

Guest Post: Carrie Ann Ryan {Mated in Mist Tour} ~ Excerpt

  Mated in Mist is out in the world! What a long strange journey these worlds have taken me. I first started my writing career with the Redwood Pack series back in 2010. An Alpha’s Path (Redwood Pack Book 1) released in Dec of 2011 and since then I’ve released 8 full books and 6

Guest Post: H.D. Smith {The Devil’s Assistant series Tour}

Top 10 Things Readers Should Know About the Realms  There are three known realms at he beginning of book 1. They have many names, but are generally referred to as Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell … the fourth realm, also known as Fallen, is assumed by many to be a myth—it was destroyed ten millennia ago

Guest Post: Elisabeth Staab tells us one of her favorite scenes {By the Rules Tour} ~ Excerpt

So I was asked to write about one of my favorite scenes from my latest novel, By the Rules. Ok… In By the Rules, one of my heroes is a former male escort who now works as a handyman. He’s had it rough, but he hasn’t let his past get him down. He’s taken a

Guest Post: What Makes A Good Hero According to Susan Stoker {Rescuing Rayne Tour} ~ Excerpt

  What Makes A Good Hero According to Susan Stoker:  He’s protective, but not stalker-protective. He wants what’s best for his woman, even if he might disagree with what that is. He isn’t trying to decide between two women which he likes best. He’s all in from the get-go. He doesn’t push her into having

Guest Post: Top Reasons to try Alphas in the Wild by Ann Gimpel ~ Excerpt

Thank you so much for inviting me back to your blog today. I appreciate how much you’ve supported my books and my writer’s journey. Top Reasons to Try Alphas in the Wild It’s three full length stories in a collection for just 2.99, so very good value. All three stories take place in the backcountry:

Guest Post: Sharon Kay tells us her favorite scenes to write {Assassin’s Kiss Tour} ~ Excerpt

First of all, a huge thank you to Angel’s Guilty Pleasures for being part of the Assassin’s Kiss blog tour and inviting me to chatter about…who else? My current demon hero, Scorpio! Today I will be talking about which scene was my favorite to write, Actually, I had two. No, three. Ha. I can’t pick

Guest Post/Review: Ten Fun Facts About Ana Gregor {Love The One You’re Witch – Tour} ~ Excerpt

Oh, this is a good one. Ten fun facts about Ana. Lets see… She loves pranking people…but tends to go a bit overboard. This may or may not be why her parents moved to the other side of the country after she’d moved out. She is double jointed on the three middle toes of her

Guest Post: Meet The Men of The Svatura Series by Abigail Owen {Tour} ~ Excerpts

  The Svatura Series focuses primarily on the ladies—Ellie, Selene, Lila, & Adelaide. But the men of the Svatura are sexy, smart, strong, and love their te’sorthene (fated mates). Let’s take a moment to get to know the men!   Alex Jenner Alex Jenner is the hero of Blue Violet. Tall and lean with blue

Guest Post: Willow Danes {Warriors of Hir series Tour} ~ Excerpt

Why Erotic Sci-Fi Romance? Science Fiction Romance is an amazing opportunity to sweep a reader into a whole new world! The heroes and heroines of my novels face conflicts and trials, have advantages and resources that wouldn’t be possible in any other genre. I love writing Historicals, especially with some element of the paranormal, as

Guest Post: Ten Fun Facts About the Dragon Lore Series by Ann Gimpel ~ Excerpt(s)

  Ten Fun Facts About the Dragon Lore Series First off, thank you so much for inviting me back to your blog. I truly appreciate all the support you’ve offered my books. This will be more narrative than ten bullet points, but it’s about how this series came to be. I wrote To Love a

Guest Post: The Ludzecky Sisters Series by Kathryn Shay {Tour} ~ Excerpts

Why Kathryn Shay Writes Romance The romance genre often gets a bad rap. My contention is that people don’t really know current romance novel content. And themes. And focus. There are several reason why I write in this genre, but mostly it’s because I get to portray my values in each story. The Ludzecky Sisters books

Guest Post: 10 Things Not Commonly Known About Baal (Divine Passion – Tour) ~ Excerpt

Recently readers asked Baal for 10 things not commonly known about him. Hmmm, I wonder if Ranata has discovered any of these yet. Here is what he shared with me. Loves Prime Rib cooked medium-rare. Favorite color is red (there’s a surprise). Would rather wear jeans and a tee. Hates to dress up. Rap music

Guest Post: Fun facts about The Spellbound Characters (Lola James) ~ Excerpt

10 Fun Facts about The Spellbound Series Characters 1. Toni’s a daddy’s girl. 2. Ben is a Romantic! 3. Ben doesn’t like attention, but it follows him. 4. Dawn has a need for speed. 5. Kevin is shorter than Ben, but not by much. 6. Dawn has a horse named Dusk, and it lives in