Review: Werewolves In The Kitchen by Shauna Aura Knight

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Werewolves In The Kitchen

Werewolves In The Kitchen

Genre: M/F/M – Erotic Parnormal Romance – Werewolves

Published January 15th 2014

by Shauna Aura Knight

Source: Won





When Ellie moved to the SpiralStone retreat center to figure out her life, she expected peace, quiet, and spiritual practice. She had no idea that the two sexy men running the kitchen would seduce her…much less at the same time. Kyle and Jake turn out to be wilder than they seem and Ellie finds herself wrapped up in devastating magic. She must choose: stay with Jake and Kyle and risk who she has been, accepting the dangerous world of shapeshifters? Or leave them and risk madness, or worse?


~ 2.5 Werewolves in the Kitchen Stars ~

Werewolves in the Kitchen is a catchy title with a nice cover. It’s short and to the point. Ellie is on a hiatus to re-evaluate her life, is attracted to the two men in the kitchen, and not sure how to handle her attraction.

This was an ok read. I had trouble with the characters, Ellie, Kyle, and Jake. We don’t get much if any character development. Ellie well she annoyed me, because she kept running, literally and metaphorically, from Kyle and Jake. Not once did Ellie try to get to know the men or their past and the same went for Kyle and Jake. The relationship never bloomed from lust to love or anything with substance for me. As for the boys, Kyle and Jake, they are very sexy wolves, different physically and personality wise. The author gives us a little information on why the boys are at the camp get away, but we never learn the full story. Last the sex scenes felt disjointed and didn’t flow well for me. I could not get into how the author was doing the scenes. 

I really wanted to like this book and new to me author. Werewolves in the Kitchen was not the book for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you. 

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