Review: Rough & Tumble (Haven Brotherhood #1) by Rhenna Morgan

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Rough & Tumble Book Cover Rough & Tumble
Haven Brotherhood #1
Rhenna Morgan
Contemporary Romance
Carina Press
February 21, 2017
Won from Author


Live hard, f*ck harder and follow only their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six men of the Haven Brotherhood live and bleed by, refusing to conform to society's expectations, taking what they want and always watching each other's backs.

A self-made man with his fingers in a variety of successful businesses, Jace Kennedy lives for the challenge and he always gets what he wants. From the start, he sees Vivienne Moore's hidden wild side and knows she's his perfect match, if only he can break it free. He will have her. One way or another.

Vivienne's determined to ditch the rough lifestyle she grew up in, even if that means hiding her true self behind a bland socialite veneer. Dragging her party-hound sister out of a club was not how she wanted to ring in the New Year, but Viv knows the drill. Get in, get her sister and get back to the safe, stable life she's built for herself as fast as humanly possible. But Viv's plans are derailed when she finds herself crashing into the club's clearly badass and dangerously sexy owner.

Jace is everything Vivienne swore she never wanted, but the more time she spends with him, the more she starts to see that he loves just as fiercely as he fights. He can walk society's walk and talk society's talk, but when he wants something, he finds a way to get it. He's proud of who he is and where he came from, and he'll be damned if he lets Vivienne go before showing her the safest place of all is in the arms of a dangerous man.


This is my first book by Ms. Morgan. I’ve had her Eden series on my reading radar for sometime and I thought I would start with that series, since I mainly read Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy, but then I won a copy of the first book for the Haven Brotherhood series. I’m glad I picked up this book.

Let me introduce you to The Haven Brotherhood. Five men, who all have checkered pasts, joined together to make a family and become brothers, not by blood, but by loyalty and obligation. Each brother has a hidden depth to them and add in the rough and tumble biker, well you will fall in love with each one.

Jace Kennedy, what a man. He’s an intelligent businessman, co-founder of the Haven Brotherhood, is charitable and active in the community. But for all that he has a vulnerable side that gets drawn out as you read. I really savored Jace. He’s such a great and well developed character to fall in love with. The man is a bad-boy with a heart of gold.

Vivienne Moore, a straight-laced buttoned-up event planner or so she portrays to the world, but deep inside she has hidden away her true-self and thinks that by suppressing her nature, she will be safe. But in doing this she is stifling herself, not living up to her true potential and freedom. Let’s just say Viv needed someone to mess up her perfect boring life. I wasn’t totally on board with Viv, but by the end she turned out ok.

As for the story their is a little side mystery/danger that Jace and his brothers have to deal with, but the main focus is on the relationship. Jace knows what he wants, but he also respected Viv and reined in his nature for her, so he wouldn’t scare her away. The sexual tension between them was explosive, off the chats, and once they hit the sheets, WOW.

I LOVE the men who formed the Haven Brotherhood and can’t wait to read their stories. Each brother comes with a different background and has brought something different to the family. It’s an entertaining concept.

Rough & Tumble was a satisfying and delightful read in the Haven Brotherhood series.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  3. I’ve heard so many good things about this series. I love a good brotherhood 🙂
    herding cats & burning soup recently posted…InstaWednesday– G, July & Sexy ReadsMy Profile

    • I think you’d like this book, series, and author. I’ve been meaning to try her and now I have. I really loved the men and I just bought the second in the series to read. Can’t wait for it to arrive. ^_^

  4. You had me at brothers. I have not tried this author, but think I would enjoy this series. Thanks for sharing Angela!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Ash and Quill by Rachel CaineMy Profile

    • Oh the men who have formed a brother hood bond are all so delicious and I can’t wait to read each of their stories and learn more about them. I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see what you think.

  5. This sounds really good. Adding this book to my TBR.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Force of Temptation Audiobook by Suzanne Wright (REVIEW)My Profile

    • Wonderful ^_^! Hope you enjoy!

  6. I read another review for this somewhere recently. It sounds like a fun series. I will look it up. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Heidi recently posted…Review:The Ultimatum (The Guardian #1) by Karen RobardsMy Profile

    • It was very enjoyable. I’m now hooked.

  7. I hadn’t heard of this one but it sounds like a good book and series.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Happy Raturday!My Profile

    • It was a delight. Hope you enjoy when/if you try.

  8. Sounds like a good series! I will check it out!
    Samantha recently posted…Shattered by Cynthia Eden: ReviewMy Profile

    • I had a blast with Rough & Tumble. Can’t wait to read the next two the are out. Just have to squeeze them in between review books. ^_^