Review: Undone (Outcast Season #1) by Rachel Caine

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Undone Book Cover Undone
Outcast Season #1
Rachel Caine
Urban Fantasy
February 3rd 2009


Once she was a powerful Djinn. Then Cassiel defied her ruler, Ashan, who tore her very essence away and reshaped her in human flesh as punishment. Forced to live among mortals, Cassiel has found refuge among the Weather Wardens--whose power she must tap into regularly, or she will die.

Cassiel earns her keep by assisting the Earth Warden Manny Rocha on his missions--which she finds much easier than coping with the emotions and frailties of her human condition, especially her growing affection for Manny's brother, Luis. But when Cassiel encounters a malevolent force that threatens the Rocha family, she discovers that her perceived human weakness may be her greatest strengths...


Undone is book one in the Outcast Season series by Rachel Caine.

What pulled me towards this book is that it features Djinn. You don’t find many books written with Djinn in them, so I was intrigued.

I didn’t know when going into Undone that it is part of another series/universe. As I was reading I noticed some of the characters have connections and are developed, so it made me think that this is a spin-off. After reading I did some digging and I think that this series is part of the Weather Wardon Universe. The author showcases that their are things going on with the Wardens, New Djinn, and Old Djinn in this book. If you look at the Weather Warden Universe Series,Undone pops up between Gale Force and Cape Storm in the Weather Wardon series. Now, even thou Undone is part of the Weather Wardon Universe we can still read this series without reading the Weather Wardon series. I will say I did feel a little behind; because of this series combo, but the more I read the more I picked up information and started to enjoy the book.

Cassiel is a Old Djinn. At the start of Undone we don’t know why Cassiel is striped of her Djinn powers and aspect. We do know she refused to do something for the head Djinn, but we don’t know what that thing is. Now with her being cast out, she is now human and must learn to live that way. She struggles with what a Djinn would do and what a human would do. She’s learning to come to terms and live in this human body, but still she struggles. It’s interesting to see the two aspects collide and watching her learn to accept herself as she is now and work with the Wardens. Their are struggles, sad moments, and action.

Now if you don’t care for cliffhanger’s then I’m sorry to say Undone leaves you hanging at the end, but it’s in a good way. We know that the store and adventure will continue into book 2, Unknown, and we will follow Cassiel as she deals with a threat and her new life.

Undone was interesting. It was a little slow going, but the more I read the more I liked and I’m curious to see what happens next. I will also be checking out the Weather Warden series too.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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8 comments on “Review: Undone (Outcast Season #1) by Rachel Caine

  1. I’ve enjoyed some of her books but haven’t read any in this series. Funny since I like stories about Djinn and they aren’t that common. Thanks for sharing this.
    Laura Thomas recently posted…Saturday Screams #57 ~ When The Devil CallsMy Profile

    • The Djinn aren’t common to find in stories or to be main characters. I liked book one. Still waiting to see if my library will by book 2 for me so I can read on. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Angela! I thought I knew all her series. I really enjoy Rachel Caine. But I have yet to read the Weather Warden series or this one. Excellent review! Anne – Books of My Heart
    Northwoman recently posted…Series on Saturday: Female Detectives’ MysteryMy Profile

    • I want to try her Weather Warden series too now that I’ve been introduced to the world. The Weather Warden came before or kinda in the same time frame with the Outcast Season. I’m hoping my library will pick up the others in this series for me, so I can continue. Thank’s for visiting.

  3. I really enjoyed this series!

    • That’s great you enjoyed. Thank’s for visiting.

  4. great review angela! shared on all my socials!

    • Glad you enjoyed my review. Thank you for sharing and visiting.